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What do I need to do if I change carriers in order to port my RW number to the new carrier?

new carriers control the transfer so you must submit a request though them

Hi @stephenb.h69lxg,

If it’s not too late, and there’s something that might be done to keep you from leaving, Republic would be grateful for the opportunity. Specifically, if coverage is the issue and you’re comfortable sharing it; may we know a zip code (nothing more) for the purpose of evaluating coverage options with Republic.

I was told by another carrier that it can take 3-7 business days after the port request to transfer your number to the new carrier for VoIP numbers, which, is what Republic uses.

Hi @rogerm.vrfxbg,

You are quite correct regarding the classification of Republic numbers and that quoted timeline is not out of the ordinary, however, it certainly need not take 7 business days. Republic does require a 3-day window, however, I’ve personally seen T-Mobile get Republic (and other VoIP numbers) ported in 1 business day. Why other carriers are unable to match that performance would be a question best addressed to them.

US Mobile says they are waiting for Republic to release the number to them.

Hi @rogerm.vrfxbg,

I’m sorry but US Mobile is simply wrong about this. Generally, it’s the provider gaining one’s business who determines the timing of transfer. Please consider asking US Mobile for something called Firm Order Commitment (FOC). FOC will have attached the agreed date and time of transfer. You would likely need to ask to speak with a porting specialist at US Mobile to get the FOC.

I’m not saying this as a defense of Republic. Were Republic the gaining provider and US Mobile or someone else the losing provider, I’d be pointing the finger at Republic. If interested, there’s more here: Anatomy of a Number Transfer.

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Hi @rogerm.vrfxbg,

I think sometimes agents say “we are waiting for them to release the number,” when the more technically apt statement would be “we are waiting for all the automated processes to take place.”

I assure you there’s no one here at Republic who sits in front of a big flashing “release” button with their arms crossed until they feel good and ready to let a number go. Computers handle all of it. In fact, we don’t even have any options here. If you want to move your number, and your security information checks out, your number goes.

We do have a number transfer bug we’re working with our number assignment company to squash, though. So if US Mobile provides a FOC date that has already passed and the transfer is truly well outside of the expected timeframe, please open a help ticket and let our team look into it.


Having recently transferred my RW # to tracphone my experience was one of minutes. I received those same boilerplate warnings about taking 2-7 days. Request was submitted via tracphone and a quick couple of emails from them and Republic confirming everything was done. I would agree with @southpaw that the issue is probably on US Cellular’s end.

Ever blamed something wrong at work on a person who doesn’t work there anymore? Same principle. You’re coming to US Cellular. Why would they admit the issue is with them and their own systems? They can hide behind the industry standards of number porting and implicitly out explicitly blame Republic.

And nothing wrong with coming here to check on it of course. Only sharing my experience because even though I left Republic, the lack of service or care was NOT the reason at all.

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The main thing i see is that most CS agents, especially ones u get that are in other countries and the only scope of their job training and familiarity with the position is a script they have to follow…do not know the special case of porting in VOIP numbers. That it take much longer. Also, that thier automated port system software is not well written enough to give intelligent info as to status and errors.

I ported my number it took less than five minutes and was during the weekend. I had no problems with republic wireless, got a better deal with 3gig of data , for less money… Will need PIN number from republic to port the number.

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