Port number to one device, then change device

In a month or two, I plan on switching my primary phone to R.W.

I plan to initiate a port of the number that is my Pixel XL (Sprint) to my currently R.W. active Nexus 5X. Once port is complete, I then plan to pop that R.W. SIM in to the Pixel XL and activate that device as replacement to the 5X. Thus my Pixel will be on R.W. with the correct ported number.

Should I wait a bit after port is done to then change device? Or can it be done right away?
Just don’t want to screw something up. Not sure how things all work out on the backend.

check to make sure you can port your number over, if you have not already


next if your going to GSM service, I would wait 72 hours after the port is complete to move the sim to the Pixel

if your going to stay with CDMA than you will need to do the help ticked, to make sure everything goes ok…
support will need to send you the CDMA sim …

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Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

:southpawpoms: Thanks! We appreciate your trust in us!

Let me just add a few ideas to the advice you were give by @TheDoctor, please.

  • For the smoothest transition possible, I’d recommend you pick up a RW SIM card (currently free, with free shipping and a month of free service if activated by 6/30) from our online store.
  • Port your number as described to the Nexus.
  • Waiting a day or so for that port process to complete is probably not a bad idea, if you have that buffer available, and don’t feel like being a guinea pig, but I don’t know that it’s anything we’ve ever officially recommended or seen issues with.
  • Put the new SIM in the new SIM in the Pixel XL, and when you’re ready, activate it as a replacement to the Nexus so it acquires your number.

I don’t need a new R.W. SIM card, since my 5X already has one (GSM) and is active on the past offered free 3 month promotion. As far as I understand it, I shouldn’t’ have any issue porting my Sprint number to that, use that phone for a day or 2, then put that SIM in my Pixel and use the RW app to activate as replacement device.

and yes, I specifically want GSM…so need to get a cdma SIM.
(I will be switching from Sprint postpaid to R.W. which uses Tmobile, which is the network I want to use)

I’m unclear what you’re saying here…

Those seem to be opposite things.

In any case, you should be able to move the SIM from the 5X to the Pixel as long as it is a GSM SIM. A SIM activated with the CDMA partner won’t move directly.

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Yes, they are different…that is why I am switching…from Sprint CDMA to R.W. (tmobile) GSM.

Edit: Yes the SIM in my 5X is R.W. GSM SIM.

I am having some issues with Sprint’s network, I am on their free 1yr plan since last July.
I don’t feel like paying $60 a month for their unlimited plan once the promotion is over this July.
So I am gonna switch to R.W. I like their pricing structure. vs Fi or straight Tmobile.


Just sent back the Sprint “Magic Box”. So once that is removed from my Sprint account, i’ll be good to port over to R.W.

Really been missing VoLTE (the ability to use Internet while on a call.)

I do have one more question/concern…

Since my Pixel is provisioned for Sprint CDMA (by Sprint SIM card)…

When i put in the R.W. GSM SIM, do I need to do anything to the phone to re-program it for GSM, or does the R.W. app take care of that?

That’s not VoLTE, it’s GSM technology generally. VoLTE is the ability to make voice calls over LTE.

Nothing more need be done than inserting the Republic SIM and following the prompts presented by the Republic app.

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Ah. Well I had thought…or someone explained it to me that since u are using Voice over the LTE connection, thus u have the active data connection/radio so thus u can still access Internet. Where as, with CDMA and no VoLTE, the phone has to switch to that radio and uses it only for the call, so no LTE/Internet connection.

Never really dove into a through research of the topic though. All i observed is that every phone i have owned, when VoLTE option is enabled, can use Internet when on a call, when no, or grayed out, I can not.

Well, yes and no.

On CDMA you can only have simultaneous voice and data if the voice is on VoLTE.

On GSM, that’s not required.

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Are you certain of that? The Moto X1 does simultaneous voice and data on CDMA. Data is on LTE, voice remains on fallback CDMA technology.

I’m sure. The Moto X1 has two radios. The last of its kind. I guess I could edit to say: On any recent CDMA phone you can only have simultaneous voice and data if the voice is on VoLTE.

OK. So…I ended up doing the opposite kinda thing.

Just today, moved the R.W SIM from my Nexus 5X to my Pixel XL.
It activated on R.W fine and is working with that number fine.

I submitted the Sprint number to be ported in.
Port was accepted and say it will be done tomorrow 5-12-18 at 4:15PM.
Hopefully, that goes well.

Just wanted to report that my Sprint number port went through without issue.
I got the notification and email about 15 min after the scheduled time.
Rebooted phone. Profit!

I do notice now that the call quality with my Pixel XL on Republic Network (WiFi) is noticeably better than with Sprint.
Spent about an hour on the phone with my mother this evening who also is an R.W user on wifi.
Easier to understand the words. More definition and clarity in the high band.

Quite happy! :joy:

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