Port out my number, but keep Republic line (with new number)


I’m trying to port out my current phone number from a Republic line that has the 10% discount (Wave E). I would like to take my phone number elsewhere, keep RW phone activated and receive a new RW phone number to this line keeping the discount intact. Is this possible?
Phone is MotoG5+
Optionally, if this is not possible, could I take the phone elsewhere and have it reactivated on another carrier?


This is a bit tricky and requires a service ticket. Port your number out. When the port is complete reactivate the phone with a new number. Open a service ticket and ask them to restore your 10% discount explaining what you have done.

Yes, you can take your G5+ to any carrier that will accept it. It is unlocked and works with both GSM and CDMA carriers.


So is it a definite that the 10% will be restored, or is it merely a possibility?
Thanks for the quick reply.


Hi @ctgcwiqc,

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The best practice in this situation is to open the service ticket before porting out to explain the intent of keeping the phone with RW despite porting the number out, and requesting the discount be re-applied upon a quick re-activation.

Our policy is that the discount is granted for the life of the service line. If the service line is cancelled, as with porting out, then the discount ends.

However, since we don’t have a process in place to port out a number while keeping the service line active, we try to take special requests into consideration. So while our policy prevents us from saying “sure, anyone in this situation can keep their discount forever and a day,” it would be my pleasure to re-instate your discount as a courtesy to you, if the phone is re-activated the same day it is de-activated.


I have opened a help ticket as recommended. Edited this post to remove old info.


Hi @ctgcwiqc,

I’m very sorry - I did not realize you had opened a ticket as asked. I have replied on your ticket, and I as assured you earlier, it will be my pleasure to re-instate your Beta discount as a courtesy to you, when the same phone is re-activated on the account shortly after porting out.

I’m incredibly sorry for the replies you received in your ticket and will follow up with the team on that.

Thank you for replying here, so I could have a chance to take care of this for you.


I’ve ordered a new phone. So old RW phone is going out to new carrier once new ordered phone has arrived, new RW phone will be activated directly after porting. Just making sure we are on same page? Thanks.


Hi @ctgcwiqc,

Where will the existing RW number end up? On the new RW phone or with the new carrier?


same phone, new carrier. New phone, new number same account.


I think you’re telling me the existing phone number would move to the new carrier.

A new phone and new line of service would not qualify to have the Beta discount maintained.


I think I’m confusing both of us. As soon as the new phone gets here I will activate it on the line in question. I want to port out that phone number to another carrier. Old phone may get sold. I still have 2 old MotoX and a old MotoX2 that I still need to get rid of. The current phone number needs to get ported out to a new phone with another carrier. Is that more clear? Sorry for the confusion.


Please open a ticket, explain it in the ticket, and, please, DM me the ticket number. I’ll look into it there.

The idea around the Beta discount is to celebrate those lines of service that have been in use continually since our Beta days. Upgrading the phone while maintaining the line of service is something we encourage.

Porting out makes the concept more difficult because in order to port out, we must cancel the line of service.

The point I was trying to make in this thread is that we can try to extend a courtesy when circumstances allow. I was not trying to create a giant policy loophole thread, so I’m going to close this thread and encourage anyone else who thinks they need help maintaining their Beta discount to please make the request in a ticket.