Port out one line, affect other lines?

Hello, I am going to be porting out my number/line to another carrier (my elderly parents want me on their carrier because sometimes our phones don’t reach each other). I have 4 other lines on my account that I want to remain open. Will porting out my number cause the entire account to close? I was the main number on the account and added other lines after I saw that this one worked (years ago). Thank you.

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there are no issue porting out the “Main” or “1st” number(line) on an account, the account will stay open as long as there are numbers(lines) on the account


Thank you :slight_smile:


That’s really kind of you to do that.

If you will describe the issue at hand with you and/or your parents not being able to reach each other, perhaps the community might be able to help debug the issue. Once you port out, I wonder if you would have similar issues contacting the remaining 4 lines on your RW account.

To help narrow things down, and hopefully give you a direction to fix the problem some additional info would help

  1. Which phone are you having problem (the one your moving to the folks carrier)?
    • As a beta user, it is probably the one you save the 10% on.
  2. When this fails, can you determine if you were on WiFi or Cell?
    • If WiFi, has your phone been idle for some period of time?
  3. Does it fail only when they place the call, when you place the call, or both ways?
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