Port out & then back in a few months

So I decided to retire my little Defy XT :(. I picked up a new unlocked E6 with plans of using it on RW once I knew for certain I was willing to lay my beloved Defy to rest. Here is where plans change, During the super bowl I scored a 3mo/3G sim from another carrier. So how big of a PIA is it to port out & then back to RW after the 3mo? Yes I know the Defy can never be activated again.

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Hi @eekzues,

What you propose isn’t particularly difficult. Republic’s guidance for transferring out is linked here: How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help.

A couple of things you may wish to consider. I’ve personally used the service provider to whose SIM you refer. For what it’s worth, my experience with their customer service wasn’t great.

Perhaps, more to the point, you might be giving up a continuing discount on service with Republic by transferring out. More on that is linked here: Beta Member Service Discount FAQ – Republic Help.


Hi @eekzues

You also might want to double check with the carrier you’re thinking of porting out to (if it’s who I think it is), and ask if your E6 is compatible with their wifi calling. I don’t think the E6 is, so if that feature is important to you, I would check :wink:

The underlying carrier (T-Mobile) used by the service provider I have no intention of identifying offers widely compatible WiFi calling. I’m reasonably certain a Moto E6 would, in fact, be compatible with T-Mobile’s WiFi calling. For what it’s worth, I’ve used among other phones the Huawei Ascend 5W sold only at Republic on T-Mobile’s network proper. WiFi calling worked just fine.

I won’t link to their page of phones that are WiFi compatible. But here is a screen shot of the only Moto models that they say they support for WiFi calling.

Whose information is that. The service provider in question or T-Mobile’s?

This is from the provider I’m thinking of.

Just want to reiterate Rolandh’s comment about the beta discount (assuming that you are in fact eligible, which you’ll want to confirm).

With the discount, a plan with 1GB of cell data (for example) will be $18/month. A year of service would be $216 (plus taxes and fees, of course).

If you decided to change to the annual plan and prepay for the year, it would be $180/year (plus 12 months of taxes/fees).

So, when you compare the overall costs, you’ll want to take that into consideration. (Once you cancel a beta line with Republic, the discount is gone forever.)


Thanks everybody. Sadly I got in 1 day after the beta discount ended. I have a RW sim in the wife’s old phone can I pop that into my phone and activate it on my new phone or do I need a new one? I’m thinking about using the free sim on her old phone just for free data(Pandora) at work now and not bothering with porting out & back. the $60 isn’t worth loosing my number.

September 26, 2013? That’s a bummer.

It depends upon the phone and the SIM. As starting points, might we know the brand, model and generation of your wife’s old phone? Also, was the SIM in that phone previously activated then deactivated for more than 20 days?

While I don’t believe there would be much risk to your number, using the alternative provider’s promotional SIM as if it were primarily data only is what I’ve done.

It is a E4 southpaw sent me a new sim in December so I could set her G7 up on Christmas morning.

Hi @eekzues,

Your wife activated but is no longer using that SIM, correct? If so, the SIM needs to be replaced. Would you do me one more kindness?

Please examine the SIM. Is the lettering for the word Republic a mix of green and black? Or, is the lettering for the word Republic all gray or all black?

Yes she had been using it for a couple yrs but is now on the new one I was sent… card is white and republic printed in green

Hi @eekzues,

My apologies for all the questions. Was the referenced new SIM sent to correct a coverage issue for your wife on the E4? As you likely know, Republic offers multiple coverage options for newer compatible phones. I’d like to be certain, you’re pointed to a SIM with appropriate coverage.

For reference, Republic offers GSM coverage via T-Mobile’s network or CDMA coverage via Sprint’s network. Your DEFY uses Sprint’s network.

Southpaw sent her a new one based on our location saying it would work better for her. I would prefer to stick with the Defy Sprint side since when traveling I almost never loose service while everybody else does. It may be the phone I don’t know but I’m thinking being on 2 different networks would be best

Hi @eekzues,

Here’s how to get a CDMA (Sprint network coverage) SIM for your new Moto E6:

I suspect the SIM southpaw sent your wife is actually CDMA also. If you’d like to determine that before requesting a CDMA SIM for the E6, do this on her Moto E4:

So I cant just toss her old sim in my new phone?

Unfortunately, as it was previously activated then deactivated more than 20 days ago, no. If I’m wrong about the timeframe, please let me know. Also, that SIM is GSM (T-Mobile network coverage).

Ah fudge, we leave on another trip Sunday guess I’ll take me defy & get a new sim after we back

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Hi @eekzues,

One final thing I would like to mention. Since you want CDMA (Sprint network) coverage for the E6, don’t buy the SIM Republic makes available for public sale as that’s also GSM (T-Mobile network coverage. For technical reasons, CDMA SIMs are available only through the process in the previously referenced Help Center article.

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