Port out: Visible reports port date yesterday, number still at RW

I am trying so hard to jump ship but the new republic does not know how to port my number out properly and their help is horrendous. This is why I left. What a nightmare. I am not impressed with the merge.

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Hi @dawnl.204g0j,

I moved your post to its own topic because it’s not related to our Announcement about coming changes. There’s no “new republic” yet and nothing about our acquisition by DISH would be impacting your ability to move your number elsewhere.

I’m sorry to see you’re having some trouble moving your number away from Republic. By design, transferring a number away does not require any human intervention. Our Help Team is neither able to stop nor push along a number transfer.

I’ll take a look at your interactions with our Help Team to see what you might be needing additional help with, and how we can better assist you.


opening a ticket does not seem to help but I have chatted twice for help and they are now escalating the issue to an engineer. If you are able to help me have phone service again by porting out my number that would be great. I know 2 other people leaving republic wireless with the same issues. One has been doing this for over a week.

Generally, ports are controlled by the gaining carrier and there is very little for the losing carrier to do but to validate the submitted information, agree to a release time and then release the number at the requested time. There’s a great overview here: Anatomy of a Number Transfer written by fellow community member @rolandh

When there are delays, they are usually related to the gaining carrier and their timeline on “wireline” transfers. Having helped literally thousands of customers over the last 7 years with questions on ports it became very clear to me that the problems nearly always occur with the same gaining carriers, over and over, while other companies rarely have issues. It would be strange for Republic to be the cause of the issues but yet T-Mobile can complete ports in minutes or hours, while AT&T constantly submits them to the wrong company, Verizon takes a week, while Xifnity and Spectrum take 14 days, and Visible may never get them done, etc.

If you’ll share who the new company is we can likely help point you in the right direction of what usually goes wrong with them as many of the Amabassadors and Experts that are on the forums have quite literally seen thousands of examples.



Well, in that case, all I can say is best of luck to you. Spend a few minutes reading the Visible subreddit. Filled with hundreds of posts of lost numbers, never completed ports, etc, from all carriers. Visible is very much a Verizon experiment with a cloud infrastructure, chat based support, severe network throtteling, and a number of other things that they believe people will put up with for the price. Having moved numbers from Cricket, AT&T Prepaid, Republic and Ting to Visible in the process of experimenting, the only one that worked well was the one from Ting. The others were complete disasters with FCC complaints needing to be filed to get someone’s attention at Visible to actual get the ports done or my number recovered.


7 out of the 10 phones have ported fine.

That’s a pretty bad ratio. 30% failure on something that should be as routine as a port is pretty ugly.


All 10 numbers are being ported from Republic? Did Visible provide any reason for the failure of the 3 ports that didn’t go through. That much is their responsibility. Please tell us Visible didn’t suggest contacting Republic and asking for your service to be “unplugged”?

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It states that on the visable ap what you mentioned. Visable chat and escalation help said Republic has not released the number. I have a FOC date from visable. So it is a game of ping pong and I am a ball

Would you be willing to share that date?


11/30/21 Visable wants me to see if Republic fully released the number

Can I ask when you first requested the transfer?

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Republic says it is still active. I can call out with visable, I can receive and send texts, but I can not receive phone calls

I requested the transfer on Saturday

It would be highly highly unusual for a port requested on the 28th to have an FOC of the 30th with Visible. In their porting FAQ Verizon status 7-10 days for “wireline ports” which Republic is considered because of the VoIP nature of the line. I’ve really never seen them do it in under 3 days. That said, if you’ve gotten the porting team on the Republic side you’re in good hands and the only hands that can try and help Visible get this right. I hate when other carriers make the customer the ping pong ball, the companies all have inter-carrier ways to contact each other. They don’t need you to find a status or fix a problem, they’re either just lazy or don’t know what they’re doing.

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Republic doesn’t partially release numbers. On Republic’s end, the porting process is automated. Generally, a port is either accepted or rejected. If rejected, Visible as the gaining carrier would have been provided the reason for rejection.

Was this true of all 10 numbers (and were all 10 numbers from Republic)? It would be unusual for a Republic number to port in 2 business days. Generally, it takes 3 business days or more depending upon the gaining provider but I understand you have been provided an FOC date of yesterday.

My apologies for all the questions. I’m trying to determine where to point you for resolution.

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all 10 from republic. 1 ported in less than 24. Another a little over 24. 2 more 3 days. Not sure about the rest

Hi @dawnl.204g0j,

Thank you for your patience. I’m going to suggest first going back to Visible and asking to speak directly with a porting specialist there and ask said porting specialist if the ports were rejected and, if so, the reason Republic gave for rejection. The fact some ports completed suggests the possibility these 3 may have been rejected.

If Visible is unable to shed light on whether the ports were rejected or not and why, please open a ticket with Republic if not already done.

I just do not understand how I can call out of visable but not receive calls. It says the republic wireless person is not available at this time to receive your call. I have extend home and it will receive calls on home extend via republic so the number is still associated with republic and active. But Visable I turned wifi off and can call out on that service but not receive. I feel the voip is the issue or republic not canceling my service. I do not know