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Google Pixel 3aXL

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Issue Description

I ported my number from TMobile about 3 weeks ago. I’m receiving calls, and can send messages but I’m not receiving them. I do receive messages from promotions though (Amazon, rewards, etc). These messages are MMS. All other messages are not coming through. Support has been very minimal (Ive been asked for screenshots of messages not being received multiple times ??) and my ticket has been with advanced support for quite some time. I tried reinstalling the Republic app and restarting the phone multiple times.

Are you able to receive MMS (pictures for example) in general? If so, this may have to do with the short code that these messages are coming from. If you send the word “help” to 37473 do you get a response back?

Hi @graysonm.ahlh00,

I’m very sorry that things have not been communicated more clearly in your ticket.

What our team needs is some very specific information about some recent text messages that were not received. This would need to come from someone who is willing to test with you. If you don’t want to bother a friend and test their patience to do this for you, just let me know and I’ll test with you myself.

Once a tester has tried to send you a text message and you’ve verified they are not reaching you, please have the tester provide the phone number he was sending from and the date and time his phone indicates the message was sent.

A few very recent examples would be a tremendous help.

Were you by any chance using an iPhone before moving your number to Republic Wireless?

No I was using the same phone. Before that I was using an iPhone. But my TMobile number was the Google Pixel.

Yes - if you would text me so we can move along the process that would be great. This has been a very tedious thing. And super inconvenient.

I tried to provide screen captures of both friends phones and my phone’s but it doesn’t seem those are helping.

I haven’t received any pictures. No reply for that message.

Hi @graysonm.ahlh00,

Sorry, I’m a bit offline due to a family mini-crisis. I’ve just sent you a test text.

I think the problem with trying to relay the needed information by screenshots is that it leaves the engineering team needing to decipher which image is associated with which number and also they don’t know the time zone for the time they are seeing on the image.

It’s really just a matter of providing it to them in very simple terms.

From 919 - 555 - 1212 to 919 - 555 - 2121 at 11:04 pm ET.

Then they would run with it.

I’ll update your ticket with the information from the test text I just sent you. Would you be able to provide the details as I wrote them above for the latest tests you did?


Nevermind about sending the details. I’ve sorted out the time zones and everything and will update your ticket as well as the escalated ticket.

Edited to add
(I’ve updated both tickets so our engineers have the info they need from your examples now.)

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