Porting a number to save it for future use

I would like to save my # that I’ve had for more than a decade. I am a current Republic user, but have switched to a family plan with another service provider (new phone, new #). Is there a way to port my # currently with Republic, and hold it by paying a one-time fee, rather than being a monthly service subscriber? I understand that this may need to be done with an outside provider/process. I no longer need Republic service but want to keep my old # for future use without porting it over to my new provider.

Hi @kaleidoscope and welcome to the Community!

There is no way to do as you wish with Republic.

You could move the number to Google Voice without paying recurrent fees, however, moving a Republic number to Google Voice is neither free or without hassle. More in this member (Republic likes to refer to customers as members) authored Wiki (not official Republic documentation) here:

Another option with a lower up front cost, less hassle but minimal recurring monthly fees would be to move the number to a parking service. NumberBarn is a good choice:



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