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Sadly, I am porting my number out of Republic. The new service says the port is pending republic releasing the phone number. Does anyone know if this is normal? I don’t really trust the information I get from the new service since their reps are not the most informed. I thought Republic didn’t lock the phones and therefore I shouldn’t have to wait for it to be released.


Hi @alisona5,

I’m sorry you’ve decided to leave Republic. That said, your intuition is absolutely correct. Republic doesn’t hold numbers and, in fact, releases them to one’s new service provider as requested by that provider. Some detail here: Anatomy of a Number Transfer.

I would suggest asking to speak with a porting specialist at your new service provider. That individual should understand everything I’ve outlined in the referenced article. Please let us know if we might assist further.


It is likely just going through steps in the process.

Take a look at this document for useful info


I would agree amitl.

Relax. The process is normally issue free and complete in 24 hours or less. Once port is complete you should receive a email from RW.


I will patiently wait then. Thanks for the responses! I wish they could have told me this instead of the 5-45min they said it would take. I thought that was pretty unlikely.


As @rolandh very eloquently explains in the document linked above, usually cell phone to cell phone number transfers go much quicker. But, because of the landline classification of RW numbers the receiving carrier might request a later date/time which is required to transfer a conventional landline number. Hopefully your number ports out soon. Do keep us updated of your progress.


It can happen that fast, but the only carrier I’ve seen do it that quickly, routinely, is T-Mobile. AT&T used to be the worst but has recently been supplanted by Xfinity Mobile who is routinely taking 7-10 days to complete ports from Republic.

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