Porting in FOC Error

Guys had to correct an error with porting in and received this? what now

thanks troy

We’ve encountered an error submitting your number transfer.

** The order cannot be modified or cancelled because the pending FOC date is too soon **

Please correct the error by clicking in the appropriate section, updating the info, and resubmitting the request.

Number Transfers

At the bottom of the email, we sent you it says; " If you find yourself stuck with this process, please reply back to this message so a team member can review your request and help you resolve this issue."

Reply back to the email our porting system sent you telling you that the PIN/passcode was wrong and let them know.

!Warning! if we have to fix the port manually, then it will need to wait until Monday. Manual port intervention usually requires multi-carrier participation, and for that reason is only done on business days.

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