Porting my landline TO Republic Wireless

Yesterday I activated an extra phone with RW (we already have two phone with RW). The intent is to port my my landline with Consolidated Communications (CCI) to RW. After the activation, I completed my request to transfer my landline in. This morning I received an email from RW saying that my carrier has confirmed that my landline “will transfer to Republic on 12/2/2020”.

I currently have phone service and DSL with CCI. I want to keep my DSL with CCI. In speaking to CCI customer service today I was told that they have a notation in their system that my phone number is being ported out, but customer service suggested that I make sure that RW’s request is to port out my phone number only. Is there any danger that, once my phone number is ported to RW, that CCI also discontinues my DSL? Has this happened before to anyone? Thank you for your help.

Hi @henry51,

Yes, there is, however, only CCI would be in a position to help. Essentially, CCI needs to note in its systems that you are canceling phone service not both phone service and DSL. There’s nothing inherent in a porting request that cancels Internet service (DSL) in addition to phone service. How CCI handles that is a matter of their internal policy. You may need to speak to a supervisor at CCI to gain clarity.


The CCI customer service representative I spoke with today told me it was RW that was make clear to them that this was a telephone porting request only. It didn’t sound right to me. I will call them back on Friday and see if I can speak to a supervisor.

Thank you, rolandh!

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Here is a note found, that supports what my guess would be, as a DSL service has to have a phone number assigned to it, and it would be the responsibility of CCI to assign a new number to you.

NOTE: Porting a number that is assigned to a DSL line can result in the loss of your Internet connection. If you wish to port your DSL phone number, contact your current provider and let them know so they can set up your Internet service on a different number.

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I’ll make sure to tell CCI customer service tomorrow exactly what the note you found states and, hopefully, on Dec 2, when my phone number is ported to RW, they will already have me set up with a new number for internet service, with no interruption of service.

Thank you, jben.


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