Porting My Number from Republic Wireless to Another Carrier


I am trying to port my number from Republic to another carrier. When the new carrier asks for an account number, I do not see one when I look at my Republic Wireless account. Is my phone number the account number? And how long does it take for a number to port?

Thank you for your assistance. Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Your account number is your 10 digit phone number. You will also need your PIN, which you can set using these steps:

The amount of time it takes depends on how your new carrier handles wireline, or landline, number transfers. You will need to ask them that question. Ask for the FOC, which is the actual date they are requesting that Republic release your phone number.

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We have 2 numbers on one account. Is there 2 separate PIN numbers or just one for the account?

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I currently only have 1 phone active, but it appears the PIN is for the Account and the specific phone number provided would make it a unique combination


Our numbers are 828-xxx-xxxx and xx.

Could you please give me the PIN for the active number, and if it is xx or xx.


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You should edit your update and remove your phone numbers
You can set/edit your PIN number from your Account portal (Top right this page)


Hi @davidd.fdf4cr -

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As @jben mentioned, you can set or edit your PIN by following the steps in this Help document: How to Update Your Account PIN – Republic Help

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