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I am trying to port my phone number from Republic Wireless to Xfinity Mobile, but it is not working. Xfinity is telling me that my PIN is incorrect. I am using the PIN that is on my Republic Wireless account. What should I do?

Hi @cindyw.ddawvj,

I’m sorry our Community was not able to offer you any advice on this matter. Porting is a process that can be very difficult to understand, and it is, by design, important to get all the details right as a precaution to the owner of the phone number. We don’t ever want anyone’s phone number to be stolen from their account.

I see that you opened a Help Ticket and have received a reply. In addition to the advice you were given in the Help Ticket, I’d like to suggest that you unassign any assigned users on your account, then reset the account PIN. Steps to unassign a user are here:

Steps to reset the Account PIN are here:

Once you have taken both of those steps, it’s very important to ask your new carrier to cancel the previous port request and submit a new one. They will often just try to update or resubmit the same request, but that will not work.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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