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I am sad to leave R.W. We have been together for years. Lol. Unfortunately our service has stopped working in our area and data is not accessible at all in addition to calls and texts. I’m switching to a more expensive carrier- not too happy about that- but my work relies on my phone number for calls and data is an efficient way to do my job as well.

I am currently a tennis ball situation trying to port my number. My new carrier sent confirmation and was ready to complete the port. During the process I was locked out after days of waiting. Upon troubleshooting their team saw the number was released by republic but pulled back in.

According to the new carrier:

Republic is responsible for sending the number back to them

According to Republic:

My new carrier is responsible for transferring the number.

As a customer my hands are in the air. If I choose to issue a new number with the carrier I need a new sim card/account etc. What exactly is the process? Why is my number being held in limbo…

Hi Diana, This isn’t something that the community is going to be able to help you with. You’re going to have to work with staff in a ticket. If you already have one open, you can update it here: https://account.republicwireless.com/account/tickets

Did you know that Republic offers coverage with 2 of the 4 national carriers? It is likely that you could consider staying with Republic but getting different coverage from them that would be better for you. Who are you trying to move to?

I understand the community cannot solve this problem specifically. I have read through many community posts about this same issue. One back in November that a community manager helped solve. The issue was identical - im hoping to receive guidance on how this process works and get my phone back.

I want to remain with Republic. Last month I spoke in depth with a representative who showed me our coverage in this area changed. Unfortunately this is what has taken me down this road.

A Republic rep says it’s my new carriers responsibility

My new carrier says its republics responsibility and urged me to contact Republic so they can activate my service.

My reason for reaching out to the community: I’m still trying to figure out who can help me lol. Is it republic or the new carrier who is responsible for porting? Or is it both?

Here’s a good overview of the process: Anatomy of a Number Transfer

The basics are that the new carrier controls the process and the old carrier is responsible for verifying your information and releasing the number.

Some carriers are better than others at this. If you share the new carrier we might be able to share specific hints for working with them.

Thank you! The link was fantastic! It is visible by Verizon.

All credit for that link goes to @rolandh It is possible that the rep that you’re working with there doesn’t realize that Republic numbers are based on VoIP and therefore takes Verizon longer to port. On their website porting FAQ they say 2-10 days (https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/local-number-portability-faqs/)

You may want to see if you can find a porting specialist there and ask for the date associated with the FOC (Firm Order Commitment) which is the date/time the number is scheduled to port.

Agreed. I did communicate about VoIP. They still said Republic is holding it and they are waiting for verification/ republic to release it again. Thank you for trying to connect the pieces. The information is helpful.

Hi @dianas.c5w6hi,

Contrary to what Verizon believes Republic doesn’t hold numbers. That said (and part of the reason I wrote the article), my experience is the typical store rep doesn’t understand the process and hasn’t been trained to do so. When presented with anything other than moving a number between one of the big 4 cellular networks, they’re flummoxed.

On the other hand, I’m confident an experienced Verizon porting specialist will understand everything and be able to provide the information you seek. It’s just a matter of getting to one. If help from Republic is required, that experienced Verizon porting specialist would also know how to get that without asking the customer to play middleman (which the customer should never be asked to do).

You arent kidding! And since Visible is a company newly owned by Verizon I’m in a pickle. It would have served me well to opt for a new number lol

I’m sorry to hear of the specific circumstances. I’m further sorry to say your best bet is to keep insisting on speaking with a porting specialist. An additional piece of information that might help that individual is that Republic’s numbers are housed on the network of its former corporate parent Bandwidth.com.

The only other option here if Verizon/Visible won’t help is to ask Republic to reverse the appropriate contact process. That, generally, requires opening a ticket with Republic and working with one of Republic’s porting specialists. Those folks, generally, work weekdays business hours.


When a rep generally says this it is almost 100% case that they simply don’t understand the process or that Republic uses VoIP numbers from Bandwidth and that it takes THEM, not Republic the 2-10 days that they list in the FAQ on their website. It is far simpler for the rep to simply blame the other carrier and move on. Usually, when confronted with their own FAQ, then they might be willing to actually lookup the scheduled transfer date.

Just as a side note, there’s a very real reason the FCC put the new carrier in charge of this process. You’re starting a new relationship and ending an old one. Much like in life, you wouldn’t want your “ex” controlling the process of your moving on with your life. You’d want that in the hands of the new relationship. Same things here, the FCC didn’t want companies trying to keep customers from leaving so they put very strict rules on the process and put the new carrier in charge of it.

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Hi @dianas.c5w6hi,

The only thing I see in your conversation here that strikes me as a possible reason for the delay is something you’ve mentioned twice:

When a number transfer out fails, we typically need the new carrier to completely cancel the failed attempt and start over fresh. If they’ve done anything other than cancel the previous request and submit a new one, there will be no progress.

This is a very unusual description of the failure:

I’d be very curious to know what they saw that led to that interpretation. Usually there is an error and an error code to help us understand the issue.

We’ve escalated the issue to Bandwidth, the company we partner with for our number assignment. We are awaiting an update from them. I’m afraid no number of new chats or tickets will speed this along. You could provide your new carrier with this information: https://support.bandwidth.com/hc/en-us/articles/204138426-Bandwidth-Porting-Guide#_TOC_250007, but please do understand that the porting team at Bandwidth will work only with a carrier, and they work M-F, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm ET.

Thank you! It’s an educational experience for certain :joy:

I agree. I keep asking the same question 🤦. My worst case senario is opening a new number and waiting their 24 hr sim card time frame on Monday. Because this is my personal and work contact on my business cards I’m hoping it’s resolved.

Side note for anyone wondering or reading through this in the future.

Republic Wireless is fantastic! I did not want to leave their service. I have been a satisfied customer for years. Unfortunately my ability to utilize data coverage changed. Since I rely on this for work I had to make a switch and increase my phone bill.

This being said- I work and live in an extremely remote area. I will most definitely return to republic if data coverage is offered again in the future.


Hi @dianas.c5w6hi,

We have an update this morning from the porting team, and it will be relayed in your ticket, but I wanted to go ahead and let you know that there is no reason for your new carrier to cancel and re-submit the request. Bandwidth sees the transfer request in their system on track to transfer tomorrow, which is the FOC (Firm Order Commitment) date requested by the new carrier.

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So all in all the winning carrier has misinformed the customer again. Either not knowing what they are doing, not knowing the correct answers or answer C) baffle them with bull.
I vote D) all of the above! The losing carrier RW had to inform the customer of the process and how it will work.

Let’s not come down too hard on the folks at the other carriers. Porting is a very specific knowledge sub-set and store personnel and phone support folks are often very poorly (if at all) trained on it. In most cases they don’t need the knowledge because the numbers they are porting are wireless to wireless and occur instantly. They’re also generally trained to tell people who say they want to move their home phone that that takes longer. On the other hand, they’re talking to a customer that says the want to move their number from their cell phone, from a company called Republic WIRELESS, and they have no training to understand the VoIP nature of the number or what that implies.

That being said, should they escalate or try to find someone that does understand? Of course, but in many of these environments the reps are under tremendous pressure to hit numbers and solving this sort of issue or even getting more info costs them time that the deem unfruitful (they already have the customer, after all) so it is much easier to tell them to go talk to their old carrier.

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Thank you! I relayed the message. The company has been trying diligently to figure out how to port a VoIP number. I’m the first customer according to the tech.

You aren’t kidding. I had to explain what a VoIP number is. I completely understand I’ve thrown a monkey wrench into the situation by keeping my number. I wish I could just remain with RW. Your support staff and community is fantastic!

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