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I am trying to port my number from republic to US CELLULAR. I started the process last Friday. And now 6 days later it still has not transfered. When we use the US CELLULAR phone to make outgoing calls, the person sees the my republic number, but any incoming calls go to the Republic phone. I contacted both carriers. US CELLULAR thinks it’s a problem on Republics end. Republic says be patient, it can take 7 days. I have a feeling on day 7 it’s still not going to be done. And it’s the wife’s phone, and she is NOT a happy camper.



Hi @drpsycho,

I appreciate why you would contact Republic, however, this is indeed a question best directed to U.S. Cellular. As the service provider gaining your business, managing the porting process is their job. I suggest asking to speak with a porting specialist there. Ask that porting specialist for the firm order commitment (FOC) date. Don’t worry about the industry jargon, a porting specialist at U.S. Cellular will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Details on the way the porting process is supposed to work here:



Hi @drpsycho,

We’ll be looking at your port request from our side this morning just to make sure there are no irregularities from our end that may be causing the hang-up. Please keep us updated in your ticket if there is any change to the status of the port.


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