Porting Number Back to Republic

My wife currently has service with Republic. However, she has been offered a new cell phone with paid plan from her employer, and they said they could port her current number to this new service. Obviously we’d like to take advantage of this free service. However, wife wanted to make sure that if she leaves that job, she’ll be able to port her number back to Republic as she’s had that number for 14 years.

I told her I was sure she could, but told her I’d ask the Community.

Thanks in advance.

There are very rare circumstances where a number can not be ported directly into a provider.
But you should be fine.

Here is some info on number transferring.

Republic Wireless wouldn’t have any issue porting the number back, as long as the employer provider would release it. You should talk to the employer or their provider about what happens in the event her employment terminates.


If she’s porting into the employer’s cell phone account make sure they’ll provide the account information needed to port back out.

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