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I have a number that I ported onto an AT&T corporate plan with my employer many years ago. Now I want to port/transfer that number off the corporate plan an onto Republic. I contact my employer and the started a “Transfer of Billing Responsibility” through which they have released the number to me. I got an email to from AT&T confirming that the number had been released by my employer and that I need to take on billing responsibility by 3/15.

What steps should I take next to get this number on to Republic?

Should I first open a new personal account with ATT and accept billing responsibility? Then immediately start a number port/transfer to Republic? Will I get smacked with some early termination fee from ATT if I got this route? Is there a simpler route?

I have already bought an unlocked Republic compatible phone in preparation for this switch.

Please help!


Hi @mkm177

You should start a personal account with ATT. You want month-to-month service at the lowest cost they will give you. Once you have established the account, you own the number and it’s available to transfer. At that point, you can submit a transfer request. Do not sign up for a multi-month contract as you will get hit with early termination penalties when the number transfers.

Have you checked to make sure the number can be ported to Republic.

Most, but not all, numbers can be transferred to Republic Wireless. You can check to see if your number will transfer by entering it at this site:


If the site says you are good to go, the next step is to use the phone you purchased (you will need a Republic Wireless SIM if you do not have one already) and activate it as a new line of service with Republic.

Once that completes, you will be able to transfer the number. Here is a link to the guide for that:


Hi @mkm177,

You may not need to establish a personal account with AT&T. Please ask AT&T if with the corporate release, they are able to provide an account number and, if necessary, a PIN. More from Republic here: How to Transfer an AT&T Corporate Phone Number to Republic Wireless – Republic Help

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