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My wife and I decided to purchase apple iphones which necessitates moving to another service provider. I am having a bit of difficulty with the information needed from my republic wireless account, specifically a PIN number. I do not recall establishing an account PIN number. However, I do have a 4 digit PIN to access messages left on the phone. Is this the PIN number that I need or is there some other PIN I’m not aware of which I would need to get from a republic wireless employee? Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @rgbart - here’s a Help Center article for How to Transfer Your Number from Republic Wireless – Republic Help

Here’s some additional information if you are not familiar with number transfers.

Hope these answers your questions.

Have you heard about RWs iPhone beta?

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Good Morning @rgbart,

I’m sorry to say Republic is not currently admitting new participants to its iPhone beta. Regarding the required account PIN, it’s probably not the same as your voicemail PIN.

Per FCC regulation, Republic is unable to provide or set the required PIN. You may do so yourself as described by Republic here: How to Set Up or Update Your Account PIN – Republic Help.

You’ll find the information needed to transfer (port) out (account number and the ability to set or reset your PIN) when signed into your Republic account here: https://account.republicwireless.com/account/phones/. Under the picture for the phone whose number you wish to transfer, click the green “I Want To…” bar then click “Transfer My Number Out”.

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Good morning freddyp & rolandh,

Thanks very much for your informed advice and leading me to the Help Center articles which explain the porting process. I was aware that rw is a VOIP number, but had no idea that some carriers will not transfer a VOIP number. I certainly hope that consumer cellular will transfer them, if not it’s going to be a long fall season. :))

I had read something concerning rw doing a beta test for iphones. I’ve been using MS windows computers for 30 years, but am relatively new to the world of smartphones. I’m maybe a bit above the level of basic user when it comes to using them. So, I would not have become involved in a beta test with rw even if it was still available.

Consumer Cellular’s customer service opens up in a little less than 3 hours, will let you know the results of the porting process.

Hi @rgbart,

Consumer Cellular and the overwhelming majority of other service providers transfer (port) Republic numbers without issue. Those who refuse to do so have made a policy choice. There is no technical reason for any service provider to refuse to port Republic numbers specifically, VoIP numbers generally or other wireline (a/k/a landline) numbers.

The above said, please inform the CC representative with whom you work of the FCC’s classification of Republic numbers as wireline. The port will take days rather than hours and informing them of that should go a long way toward setting the appropriate expectations. Meanwhile, your Republic service will continue working on your current phones until CC completes the port to your new iPhones.

Perhaps, one day, iPhone support on Republic will be generally available. Should that come to pass, Republic might again be an option for you.

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Hi rolandh,

Thanks for your additional response concerning the FCC. Interestingly, at one point the Consumer Cellular rep said that rw refused to release the number and before I could respond she put me on hold to “research it.” Shortly after she came back on the line and said there was no problem. The porting process is supposed to be complete within 24 hours. After it’s complete I plan on sending another message to the community which has been very helpful to me for the 4 years I have been an rw customer.

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Ah yes, the knee jerk it’s the other carrier’s fault response. Those of us that are in the “expert” program where we assist Republic support see lots of folks coming with that from their new carrier. I always tell them the same thing. Republic refuses to release a number for only 4 reasons: the number is active, wrong account number, wrong PIN and in certain situations, wrong ZIP code. Other than that, they don’t (and technically can’t by FCC rule) refuse to release a number.

The porting process was finally complete successfully for both my iphone and my wife’s. The ilnitial difficulties I encountered were mainly due to my ignorance.

I would like to thank everyone who has responded to my inquiries over the years. The responses were informative, helpful and courteous without fail.

So, farewell to the rw community. Take care and stay safe.


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