Porting number from Republic then porting another number to republic

We have only had one cell phone up to now. My wife wants to get an Apple iPhone on my daughters AT&T family plan and port the number from our Republic wireless phone to her new iPhone. I want to start using the Republic wireless phone and port the phone number from our OOMA VOIP to the republic wireless phone. The republic wireless account is in my name. I am on the My Choice + 1 GB annual plan which renews in March 2021. My phone is the Moto E4 Plus (32GB). What is the order of operations to avoid losing our phone numbers and our Republic wireless beta discount?

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Hi @geometry and welcome to the Community!

Thank you for providing the context up front. Because you are paying for service on the Moto E4 Plus annually, you are going to need some assistance from Republic support to accomplish the goal. Specifically, please do not port the number currently on the E4 Plus out without opening a ticket.

In that ticket, please ask Republic to set up a “skip out” port. Ordinarily, porting a number out results in service being canceled. There is no refund for the unused portion of annual service if service is canceled. Canceling service also results in the loss of any beta member discount. A “skip out” port results in a new number being assigned simultaneously and more to the point service is not canceled as a result of porting the current number.

Once the skip out port is accomplished, then you may arrange to port the Ooma number to Republic replacing the new number assigned to the E4 Plus resulting from the “skip out”. If not already done, I suggest verifying the Ooma number would port to Republic, which may be done here: Make the Switch to Republic Wireless Today – Republic Wireless. Most but not all numbers port to Republic. Presuming the Ooma number will port, some additional linked information follows:


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