Porting number screwing me completely


im ready to move on from defy phone and plan. was told by Cricket that i cant transfer my phone number because its a land line. WHICH IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT!! i am screwed because my phone number is EVERYTHING!! ill have to contact the AG office because this is unacceptable and this is RW fault. if i had known RW was going to screw me with a worthless phone number that i could not port, i never would have used them.


Republic numbers are VOIP by the very nature Republic Wireless hybrid WiFi first VOIP with cell backup Network, and the FCC categorizes VoIP as landlines
There is no technical reason why Cricket can not take VOIP or landlines other than it’s their policy
The work around is to 1st port to a to another carrier that is not VoIP then port to Cricket


Hi @billo.to7muy,

The link at the end of the help article @drm186 shared will help you get around Cricket’s limitation on porting in your number. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. It’s pretty amazing that you’ve managed to keep your DEFY XT going this long!

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