Porting number to evaluate service

I’m going to evaluate a new wireless provider for international coverage and I’m considering a number port as the best option. Rather than use a temporary number on the trip I felt porting was the best option to ensure continuity for things like 2FA text message, and of course calls. My trip is only going to last a couple weeks, after which I could be porting my number back to RW if I’m not satisfied.

Has anyone else on RW ported out their number, found a service to be lacking, then ported back? Did you find issues with the porting especially over such a short time interval?

Hi @matthewcrumley and welcome to the Community!

What you propose is quite doable. Out of curiosity, whom were you thinking of transferring your number to? Other than Google Fi, you might find international roaming to be significantly expensive and may want to consider other alternatives such as using a local, in country, provider. More information here:


Your guess is right, @rolandh - I’m looking at Google Fi.

RW features are excellent while being on wi-fi. I stayed with RW on my last trip to Europe but found myself getting anxiety over network access. Maps, bus and train schedules, etc., are all better with data roaming. Since it’s a short trip, I’d keep my RW account open/subscribed so there are no issues (or fewer issues) if I decide to port back.

That link was helpful. Thank you. :+1:

Hi @matthewcrumley,

When you port your number away, your current service line would be canceled. Our Help Team can override that behavior for your account, but you’ll need to let them know that you want to port out and keep your service line active, having a new number assigned to it.

Fi is a good choice for international travel. Domestically, Fi is no bargain. Unless you have a continuing need for Fi’s international bells and whistles, I think you’ll find returning to Republic to be the better choice and Republic would be happy to have you back.

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