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I am wondering when porting to another carrier what happens to my number if the port does not go thru for whatever reason. Do I lose my number into the ether or does it just stay with the original carrier? Are there any circumstances to be aware of when the number will be in limbo --> can’t go to a new carrier but no longer with the old carrier, either? I reviewed the RW Number Transfer article but didn’t see this question addressed.



Hi @shawnc.hfd9um,

In short, your number stays with your current service provider until the transfer is complete. Should it not complete for some reason, your number never leaves its current home. For this reason (among others) it’s crucial one not cancel service with their existing service provider. Some details here: Anatomy of a Number Transfer.



I’ve never seen that happen. Numbers are one place or another, not nowhere. So, a rejection because of information would keep the number with the original carrier. An approved transfer will move it to the new carrier. Can hiccups occur? Yes, but in those cases the carriers can work with each other to sort it out and the number certainly isn’t lost.

Hope that brings some peace of mind.



Thank you both for speedy & informative replies.


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