Porting numbers

What phone do you have? Moto 3G & Moto X 2nd gen

What plan are you on? ?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes

Issue Description

Would you please elaborate?

Regarding Porting in or out of Republic Wireless, here is a good starting point. Click on the green link for further information for the listed topic:

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We are trying to port Republic phone numbers to new T-mobile account.

This is under one of the topics in the other document I posted:

Also, did you set up a pin?

Please check the above mentioned articles, so your port goes smoothly.

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Yes, I set up a PIN. We have 2 lines with Republic. The instructions say "

  • Your PIN: This is your account PIN, specific to each phone number on your account. To update your PIN, please see How to Update Your Account PIN" This implies 2 PIN’s, but there is only one PIN to update/change etc. Can you clarify this? Thanks.


updated pin, there is only one pin for the account so if your moving both numbers you will use the same pin, the account number is the phone number

note: make sure you are 100% on the address… from and to
if your off just a little it can keep the port from going through

What do you mean by “make sure you are 100% on the address… from and to
if your off just a little it can keep the port from going through.” Thanks.

look at the address you have listed on your account for RW
and use the same address and format for port to T-mobile

I did a port form RW to T-mobile and because it had the zip+4 on one and not the other it failed
till I made the correction…

There may be one or two account PINs, involved. Generally, @TheDoctor is correct in that there is one overall account PIN. If, however, either of the phone numbers you reference were assigned, then that assigned user needs to set up their own PIN or the phone needs to be unassigned, so that it uses the master account PIN. For more on what I mean by assigning phones, please see here: How to Assign a User to a Phone – Republic Help.

Once the PIN situation is straightened out, please ask T-Mobile to cancel any pending port requests and resubmit from scratch. Merely updating an existing failed request will continue to fail.


Thanks. I do not see an adress anywhere in my acount. Where exactly is it located?


go over to your account
click on the green bar below the phone that reads I want to
you will see an option manage e911
click on that.
it should open and show you your RW address

Got it. Thanks!

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