Porting phone but it's considered a Land Line

My daughter bought an iPhone and so needs to change carriers. We tried Boost first, but they didn’t take the phone for the level plan we wanted, so we tried Cricket and when they checked the number to port, it was listed as a Land Line so they said they couldn’t port it (would need to get with a major carrier like AT&T first).
My question is, why would it be considered a Land Line (or VOIP phone) when it was a number we got from Republic and she’s had it for at least a year? And can Republic do something about that?

It’s not a matter of can’t, it’s a matter of Cricket having a policy that they won’t. Worse, Cricket is owned by and houses its numbers on AT&T’s network.

Please allow me to provide some context. Republic numbers are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Republic’s use of VoIP is part of the nature of its blended WiFi/cell service. For transfer (porting) purposes, VoIP numbers are classified as landlines (wireline is the more correct telecom industry term). There is nothing Republic can do to change this regulatory classification. It’s FCC mandated.

Some service providers, most notably Cricket Wireless and Google Voice, refuse to port any number other than a number already classified as wireless. This is a policy limitation of the provider you’re porting to. Republic does not hold or otherwise prevent you from taking your number elsewhere.

The workaround is to temporarily port your number to a wireless carrier that will accept your number, then port from there to your preferred provider. I document this at the Republic Wireless Wiki here: http://republic-wireless.wikia.com/wiki/Transferring_a_Republic_Number_to_a_Service_Provider_That_Refuses_Landlines. Please note the Wiki is maintained by fellow Republic members and is not official Republic documentation.

Cricket’s word on the matter is here: https://www.cricketwireless.com/support/apps-and-services/transfer-your-number/customer/common-questions.html. Republic’s is here: Why Can't My Republic Wireless Telephone Number Transfer to some carriers? – Republic Help.

In a word, no.

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Thank you for this very informational response - very helpful!

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