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1 gig
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Issue Description

Porting Republic Phone number to Google Fi

They don’t tell you when you join, that if you ever want to leave, and port your phone, you might as well go on a 2 week holiday. No really. I started my port Sep 20th, and it is the 26th, and still not working. Google Fi says they are waiting for Republic, Republic says that all OK - first it was it will take 24 hours, then it was 72 hours, then I was told 5 days, then now 10 days!!! Really. I asked them to manually port it as Google Fi requested, they just give me the same link telling me how to do it. I ALREADY DID WHAT YOU TOLD ME TO DO!!! Ok, so I will wait 10 days! What do I do if after 10 days I still not have port? Can’t get any help. Why am I porting.? I started with Republic Wireless long time ago, I can’t even remember but it had to be at least 2010 after Verizon, who I had been a customer going back all the way to AllTel, took away all by unlimited plans that I had grandfathered in, I never went over, I paid all bills, then they lied to me repeat over and over - so I came over here. Seemed like a good trade off since I spent a lot of time on Wireless, and I had company phone. Got my wife another phone. We were able to port our long time sequential number numbers to Republic no issues … Years go by, Motorola phones I buy start flaking out, I call they switch SIMM cards, all kinds of issues. Nothing gets better now worse. I can’t easily port my numbers. See the rest of my RANT below:

Long time customer. Your service and phones have degraded over time, which it is the opposite of what I expected. If you keep any good records on your customers you will see past issues. I am trying to port number from you to Google Fi. I am on my 7th day waiting. This so unacceptable that I can’t even imagine nobody else has not gone through this. The information you give does not wash. I do not care that you are considered a Wireline company. What does that do for me? How is that even relevant that you cannot port my number, that by law you should be able to do. OK, so I don’t understand the technical process, who cares, you should be able to push it along some how. Not happy with all your “canned” responses. You keep telling me to go to Google Fi and talk to them, they tell me to go talk to you, you are all horrible…

Hi @rafaeld.pj37ak,

I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties and further sorry to say no service provider Republic included can push a number to one’s next service provider. It’s the next service provider’s job to pull the number from one’s current provider.

That said, has anyone suggested you ask Google Fi if they’ve received Firm Order Commitment (FOC) from Republic? If Google Fi has received FOC, the date your port is to complete should be attached and Google Fi should be able to share the information with you. If the level 1 representative at Google Fi doesn’t know what FOC is, please ask to speak with a supervisor or porting specialist. If you’re speaking with someone at Google Fi who knows what they’re doing, they will know exactly what FOC is. The folks at Google Fi should know this but Google Fi numbers are housed with T-Mobile. They may need to ask T-Mobile for the FOC.

It won’t directly help with resolving your unfortunate circumstance, however, you may find this unofficial explanation of how the porting process is supposed to work informative:


Look, you are telling me what I have heard now over and over again from you, and I completely get it; but what you failed so big as, is that you are not helping me. But, just now, somebody over there, finally told me what the problem is and I was able to relate that to Google Fi, so while your blurb is correct, it is your canned response, and not a technical “hey let me look into it”, which someone finally did. So the whole time, you guys could of looked and saved me a week of frustration.

Hey @rafaeld.pj37ak,

I don’t know that you’re aware of it, however, when you post something in Republic’s online Community most of us here myself included are fellow members (Republic likes to call customers members). Your fellow members lack the ability to look at account specific information, so the best we can do is answer generally. Account specific answers require opening a help ticket.

I assure I didn’t intend to provide a “canned response” and I wrote the detailed article I pointed you to solely for the purpose of providing background on how number porting is intended to work.

With that said, I’m happy to hear it sounds like you’re on your way to getting your port completed. I wish you the best of luck with Google Fi.

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