Porting primary number, but not other number out

We have 2 phones/numbers on our Republic account. My info (number and email address) is the primary contact and billing info for our account. If I would port my number out to another carrier, would the 1 remaining number automatically become the new primary contact, or would that kill our account (and both phones/numbers)? I’m asking because if I port my number, and my wife’s phone stops working, I’m in BIG trouble. :grin:

Porting out your number will not affect the remaining line at all.

It is up to you whether you wish to change the log-in or profile information to your wife’s name and email address (you don’t have).

Thanks a bunch…that’s what I wanted to hear!

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Just wanted to add… my number ported to my new provider in about 4 minutes! I was expecting a couple of hours, so was pleasantly surprised.

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Just curious if it was Mint…mine ported to Mint in a similar time frame. In general T-mobile or related MVNOs seem to quicker at porting numbers.

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Yes, it was Mint. I was on the 1 GB / $20 plan for years with Republic. But I just couldn’t pass up the 4 GB / $15 that Mint offers…especially since they were giving you 3 months free. I know I’ll have to pay by the year for that pricing, but I’m willing to do it for the extra data.

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The one rap on Mint is no domestic roaming, so be sure to check your usage area to confirm you have good native T-mobile signal. We were just looking for more data for that one line…so loss of domestic roaming was not an issue for us.

Yea I agree, that’s not ideal. But with the Verizon hotspot we take with us on trips, the wi-fi calling will save us. We’re going to move the second and last RW line next week.


Looks like you have a good backup plan. Good luck to you… maybe future RW plans will fill the hole of mid-range data offerings.