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I am thinking about getting a Samsung S7 from republic. How do I port my old phone number from republic to my new phone?

Hi @danaw.vqao9g,

It’s not a port. Porting a number refers to moving a number between service providers.

You would activate the S7 as a replacement for your current Republic phone. When ready, you’ll start the activation process. Republic offers a great walkthrough here: Activate | Republic Wireless. You will be prompted to sign into the appropriate Republic account. To upgrade an existing line to a new phone, select “replace existing line”. You should see the phone number you want to replace listed at this step. Continue through the activation process, then you’re all set! Detailed activation guidance here: Activate My Phone. The replacement process moves your number from old to new phone. You may find the following helpful as you consider your purchase:

  1. Republic Wireless 3.0 FAQs
  2. Republic Wireless Coverage
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