Porting RW phone to T Moble

After many years I’m moving over to T Moble.
When T Moble trys to port number, they say the pin is incorrect.
I have updated the 4 digit pin

  • is there another pin I need?
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Hi @heatherf.b9r8ws,

The most common reason for the experience you describe is the phone attached to the number being transferred is assigned to a secondary user as described by Republic here:

If that’s the case, the easiest solution is to remove the assignment then use the master account PIN:

Alternatively, the secondary user would need to sign in using their account credentials (email address and password) and set the PIN.

Whatever method is used, once the PIN is set or reset, please ask T-Mobile to cancel the pending port and start fresh. If T-Mobile attempts to update the pending port, generally, that doesn’t work.

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