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I am trying to Port my four phones from my account to a new provider. Two have gone through, one keeps failing. And I don’t know about the other. I was told it was because the number was “assigned”. I unassigned it and it’s still failing. The new company won’t give us the phones until the numbers are ported over for the deal we want. So now 2 are ported and the other two are not. I can’t get an answer from anyone. I have reset the pin number multiple times. Customer service here is a joke

The initial diagnosis was correct. When a line is assigned that user must login using their email to assign their own PIN, or the line must be unassigned for it to use the primary account PIN.

When the port continues to fail after that the most common cause is that the new carrier just keep resubmitting the port over and over again. In this instance the solution is for them to cancel the port completely and resubmit it.

Thanks for your response and sorry for my frustration

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I’ll have them do it in the morning.

Please, no apologies necessary. If the cancelation and resubmission doesn’t fix it you should be aware that the staff that can fix deeper porting issues is only available business hours Monday-Friday so it’s possible it won’t be able to be fixed until after the weekend.

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How do I get ahold of them

by opening a ticket here: https://republicwireless.com/account/tickets

Hi @prestont.7j2fmz,

You don’t need a new ticket, as you already have one at https://republicwireless.com/account/tickets/detail/?ticket-id=1605287

I will see if I can be of any assistance to you in your ticket, but please understand that the porting process is very much an automated process that we do not have much visibility into. If the port is failing, your new carrier would need to let you know what sort of error they are receiving.

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