Porting to Republic


I want to port a VOIP number from Ring.to service to Republic. I have 2 active phones and I would like to replace the number on one of them with my number from Ring.to
Can an existing active phone number be replaced? Can a newly ported number be “held” by Republic for future use on a new phone, perhaps next year?


Hi @joec.lpgii9!

First, you should be able to transfer your number to Republic. You will need to check and make sure it is eligible to be transferred first. You can check it here. You can port the number by signing into your account, and clicking the “I want too…” button. Underneath, there will be an option to “Transfer my number” (to Republic for this phone). If you click on that, it will let you check if it’s eligible and, if so, proceed with the port.

Finally, there is no option for Republic to hold the number for you. If you want to hold your number (known as parking), you will need to use a service like Number Barn . It will cost a little, but it’s not too bad. From what I understand, if you lose your number (i.e. port a number to the new phone), Republic may be able to recover it via a support ticket, but that is not guaranteed.

I hope I have helped a little!



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