Porting to Xfinity Mobil? Patience is key


If your thinking of switching your Republic service over to Xfinity Mobil and want to take your tn with you be ready for a long wait. Got my awesome new phone delivered today, went to their website to start the porting process, and four hours later nothing. After speaking (yes, speaking) to a live person they were able to see the porting request and confirm it had no errors, was sent to Republic, and was in a pending status. Then the bomb. They told me smaller carriers like Republic can take up to 5 business days to release a phone number. 5 DAYS?! That’s telephony circa 2001. So I got this awesome new phone I can look at, touch, but I can’t use it or even turn it on until I get an email from Xfinity saying the number has been released and I’m free to finish activating it. They told me they have no number to contact Republic to get a manual release of the tn and that I have to wait of the automated process to release it. Olay!


Hi @markr.4r3rpk ,

For what it’s worth, this is largely excuse making on Xfinity Mobile’s part. Generally, the speed of transferring a number is up to the gaining not the losing carrier. I’ve personally seen T-Mobile transfer a Republic number in as little as 24 business hours, though Republic asks for 3 business days. Here’s how it really works: Anatomy of a Number Transfer.


Not that I want to argue the point, but if the inbound carrier (Xfinity Mobil in this case) can verbally confirm with me that they see the porting order and that it’s error-free and has been submitted to Republic how is the speed of this process now determined by them? Republic has already confirmed the process on their end is purely automated and they don’t even see the porting request.


So, isn’t this mutually contradictory? Xfinity Mobile tells you they see the port as being submitted to Republic while Republic says they don’t see the port because the process is automated on their end. The reality is Xfinity Mobile submits nothing to Republic. Xfinity Mobile submits the port request to its carrier Verizon, who submits it to Republic’s carrier Bandwidth.com, who ultimately submits it to Republic. Typically, this is all automated (computer to computer).

You need not take my word for the way the process works. There are links to FCC documentation in the article I referenced that will back up what I’m telling you as to who largely controls timing of the port. The reality is Republic asks for a three day window. If Xfinity Mobile is telling you it will take longer, that’s on them.


For my folks, the switch to Xfinity mobile took about 24hrs

It took 2 weeks…yes 2 weeks… for my folks to get their number ported out of Xfinity back to Verizon. VZW insisted that Xfinity would not release number. Comcast said that u were not allowed to port ur number out due to the 1yr contract tied to the service.

The service was supposed to cost only $12 per GB, but, typical Comcast, their bill was 2x that and had several fees they were not told of.
They had a terrible experience. The Xfinty wifi hotspots they came across they had to enter in their Comcast info to login each time. They are 78yrs old, they dont know that info of the top of their head. Calls dropped like crazy.

I hope you have a better experience.
But, Comcast is a huge, uncaring monopoly that routinely screw over their customers.
I would never trust them and would dump them for my CATV service if I had any other provider.


First off let me say I’m not singing the praises of Xfinity / Comcast, I hate paying that bill every month. But until someone else offers internet service in my area that’s even half as fast as what I’m currently getting I gotta stay with what I have. And as far as their cell service goes I don’t personally know anyone who has it or has tried it but I’m willing to take a chance and try it. If it doesn’t work out it doesn’t work out. It’s not like I’m taking a flyer on an unknown medical procedure. I tried Republic back in the Motorola Defy days and for the most part have been happy with it. It’s simple & affordable, but it’s coverage compared to friends phones on major networks isn’t as good in some areas. I still get dropped calls sometimes when I move between wifi & cellular. But who knows, I may come back to Republic.

And rolandh, clearly I don’t know nearly as much about telephony as you do. Just frustrated I can’t use my new phone.


R.W. can use 2 of the biggest major networks. GSM Tmobile, and CDMA Sprint.
(the older “Legacy” devices use Sprint only.)

So coverage would be the same as having a phone with those 2 companies.
However, in some areas, Verizon or ATT may have better coverage.
I belive that Xfinity uses VZW network, but does not have Roaming ability that native VZW folks have.

Good luck.


Did you ask why you couldn’t activate with a new number to test for a few days prior to porting your number? RW benefit.

Don’t blame it on RW. Xfinity must be making excuses for their port dragging and knocking smaller providers. One of my was phones partially functional immediately and fully ported within 24 hours when moved to Mint.



Or two of the smallest.



That’s perfectly understandable. I wrote the article I referenced not to shift “blame” to anyone. I merely hope to explain how the mysteries of porting numbers between service providers really work. If you were porting your number from Xfinity Mobile to Republic and Republic were saying it was Xfinity Mobile’s fault things were taking as long as they were, I’d tell you that was nonsense. too.

The crying shame is the folks at Xfinity Mobile don’t talk to their corporate cousins at Xfinity Voice. Unlike Xfinity Mobile and Republic (who are service providers), Xfinity Voice is a carrier (like Bandwidth). They would be able to explain reality to the folks as Xfinity Mobile.

If one is a customer of Comcast (and sometimes the reality is there’s no real choice in the ISP market), Xfinity Mobile is an attractively priced offering. I sincerely hope once your number gets there, things work out as you hope. Should that not happen and you’re so inclined to reconsider Republic, I’m confident Republic would be most happy to welcome you back as would I.


Same issue with going from RW to Xfinity Mobile - problem did rest with XM. They said it RW’s fault, would be two weeks out…anyway, got it resolved and within three days had my phones working - but it was a PIA.

P.S. Can’t say I am thrilled with XM service or price, but…


I bought an Xfinity Mobile phone and ported over my home number which I also had through Xfinity. While Xfinity Mobile seems to be separate, the porting process also took five full days. I was astonished, given that the sending and receiving carriers had the same company name.
I don’t think this issue is Republic’s fault.
BTW I was unable to test out with a different number either. I asked. Xfinity just told me to wait.
I am happy with my Xfinity Mobile phone. I hope you enjoy yours too.


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