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Our Extend Home Beta members are being asked to take a survey to help us understand how they’d describe the features they’ve been enjoying, and what additional features might add value to the product.

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I liked being perfect at something for once.


I was kinda surprised to see RW selling the Grandstream ATA for twice what Amazon sells it. Yes, I know there were firmware costs but then Grandstream had firmware costs too.

Is that Amazon selling it or a third party seller? Keep in mind we are getting ours from the manufacturer through distribution. We have to buy from an authorized distributor so we can get warranty support, technical support and auto-provisioning services. Understand that others selling this, deal in bulk overstock and are not authorized re-sellers. The MSRP is a lot higher and then we have some additional costs.

I think when you see how we price the monthly service the cost of the adapter will be a non-issue.

That is sold by Pricefair and fulfilled by Amazon. So it is a 3rd party seller and not something we will try to compete with. Different world.

That’s fair, but people will google and they’ll find that $25 listing, and many other listings well below $50:

$34 at PC Nation: https://www.pcnation.com/web/details/2KR601/Grandstream-HT801-VoIP-Gateway-HT801-6947273702269

$39.50 at Staples: https://www.staples.com/grandstream-ht801-voip-gateway-ht801/product_IM12KR601

$39 at VoIPSupply: https://www.voipsupply.com/grandstream-ht801-ata

Understood but the value is not the box. It is a tool to provide the service that is the value.

Which might argue selling the device for a few dollars less and charging something more for the service?

As a example Vonage (yes, I understand, it is a standalone service) will give you the device (in their case the HT802) for free, but then charges $25/mo for service. I’m not suggestion that, however, playing with the numbers may be something to think about. (Go back to the old Defy model? Get the ATA free, pay an extra $7/mo, buy the ATA for $50 pay only standard fee)?

I am not going to discuss pricing here we will do that when we release the product. We have a good plan that I think you will like but you only know half of the story. Maybe I should not have reveled our ATA price thoughts. Would have saved a one-sided threaded discussion.

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Selling the service has always been RW’s thing. If having to price the ATA at twice the going rate can’t be overcome through negotiation with Grandstream maybe you want to let people buy from Amazon and pay a fee for the firmware upgrade and service.

Hi @billg and @louisdi,

The discussion on pricing here is premature. We hope you submitted an answer about monthly pricing based on the unit price as it was presented. We were hoping to understand the value you’d place on the feature, and provided context around the one-time cost of the unit to help you evaluate the lifetime value. If you need to change what you suggested as the monthly value of the service because you submitted an answer based on a price you imagined the unit would sell for rather than the price that was given, please let us know.

Overall you’re talking about a difference of $25. If that is recouped over the lifetime value of the feature, there’s really no point to a heated discussion on the unit price.

Were there other thoughts about how to describe the service or whether to offer it now, or wait to build out other features?

I really like this service and would be happy to pay the extra $25.00. Moreover, I picked the $10.00 monthly price point. I just worry that people who see the price difference will think RW is ripping them off.

Thanks for the concern and feedback, both are appreciated. I think with some basic math skills and an open mind toward what Sean is trying to explain about sourcing and provisioning, we’ll be able to overcome that perception.

I’m interested that you’re willing to pay $10 a month for this option, given that I know you already had a similar set-up. Can you give me a quick summary of what benefits you’ve found in Extend Home over your existing set-up?

My position on this is a little different. As is, I wouldn’t pay more than a couple of dollars a month in addition to existing Republic service. I think it’s fair to plan for some support costs, and Republic needs to recoup those, I get it. I also understand that my situation is unique. But the service that I currently have, with e911 and the amount of calling I do a month, costs me right around $3 so I would just stick with that otherwise.

And at $2-$3 a month, you’re thinking in terms of it being an extension of a primary cell phone, not a separate number dedicated to the house, right?

Although that’s what I currently have (a separate number, not tied to the cell) I would be happy to port that number to my Republic cell and have it as an extension of the primary number at that price (as it’s about what I pay now anyway).

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The sound quality is better than with the X-Link adapter. I love the idea of replacing my present land line (not portable) with one that has the same number as my cell phone. One of these days I’ll drop my cell phone and still be able make and receive calls while It is being repaired or replaced. I think RW hit a home run with this.


I think @billg’s response about this being a home run points out something very important here about a potential target demographic. Bill, please excuse me pointing out age here, but likely, this product is going to most attractive to those skewing older who still have landline service at home. For a few bucks a month, it is likely a lot less than they’re paying now.

A second audience would be those like me who have younger kids and keep a home service for no other reason then 911. In my case I have a different ATA activated through voip.ms with e911 service, and so this is a natural replacement. Others may have traditional landlines or perhaps this gives them an option to escape “triple play” packages they feel stuck in because they want to have 911 service other than by cell.

The one audience I think this will have little to no appeal for are those younger than I am that don’t have any home service, don’t own a handset, and see little appeal since their cell is glued to them and they don’t even think fondly of the home phone as something they had in childhood.

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