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I have my ATA plugged into a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) as long as my phone, router and modem. I know a lot of customers won’t do this, but just stating what my set up is.

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I also have a ups and by remarkable coincidence power to my home went out yesterday for just over an hour. I had 8 minutes left on my UPS when power was restored. Two years ago my telco finally replaced the UPS on their DSLAM about 100 yards from my home.and that held up too. Theirs was out for several years so despite my UPS I would lose both Internet and land line services during a power outage.

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Is there a release date for the Extend Home? I am interested in getting the Echo Connect especially now that the price has dropped for Prime day.

No release date (or in fact if the product will definitely become a production product) has been announced.

Though not a Prime Day deal there is a $20 coupon, so I went ahead and ordered this:


Essentially, it’s a DECT cordless phone system with Alexa and an Echo Connect built in. It’s not nearly as inexpensive a solution as the Echo Connect but Echo Connect is limited to acting as a speakerphone where these (if they work as advertised) allow for calls on the handset(s) as well as speakerphone.

With the $20 off I added these to clean up the cable clutter resulting from hooking all this up to the router:


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Thanks. From what I understand, the echo connect allows you to use the echo or dot as a speaker phone that you can make and receive calls on, is that correct?
Edited to clarify ability of echo connect

You are correct. Amazon’s Echo Connect allows for compatible Echo devices (an ever expanding list) to leverage “landline” service to make and receive calls as a speaker phone.

My Motorola AXH cordless home phone system arrived today. I’ve done a quick and dirty setup (took all of ten minutes) and, so far, everything works perfectly with Republic’s Extend Home ATA. So, now I have Alexa calling to both other Alexa devices and regular phone numbers and the ability to directly dial numbers on the cordless handsets themselves.

Given Republic’s history with Motorola, there’s something almost poetic about using Motorola cordless handsets with Extend Home.


Do you also have the ability to make and receive calls using the echo or dot? If so that might be a better option.

No, the Motorola AXH cordless phone is not a bridge to other Alexa devices. On the other hand, the AXH handsets are themselves full fledged Alexa devices and do have speakerphone capabilities.

It’s also possible to make calls using Alexa apps and Echo devices with no additional equipment required. The Caller ID may be set via the Alexa app to show your Republic number (or another number if you wish).

You wouldn’t be able to answer calls made to your Republic number via an Echo without the Echo Connect. Theoretically, it would be possible to set up an Echo Connect for use with Echos and use an AXH cordless phone system simultaneously. It’s just a matter of many boxes one wants to spend money on then plug into their network. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did too, out of curiosity. Then I asked my friends what they use for their “landlines”. All of them use Ooma. All of them had to pay between $60-$100 for the box, and they pay about $4/month for the service.
I don’t know how other services compare, but I’m more likely to consider what the cost of an alternative service would take to set up. And I prefer this service because they have already started getting election calls on their landlines.


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Bought the echo connect and had no problem setting up with extend home. I wanted the ability to answer incoming calls hands free which the Motorola AHX does not do. I already own an echo and two dots so it was a better choice for me. Tested by calling myself and Alexa announced my name as wanting to talk :blush:


Given hands free is your priority, the Echo Connect is the perfectly reasonable choice. I had other priorities I outline here: Out of Curiosity, What Landline Phone Are You Using For the Extend Home Beta?

The only place I see myself using a hands free solution on a consistent basis is when in the kitchen. I have an Echo Dot but there I’d be tempted to add an Echo Show, which would also be able to display video from my Ring doorbell.

The Echo Connect includes a RJ-11 splitter, so it’s possible to continue using a handset with the Extend Home ATA in addition to the Echo Connect.

Update on Echo connect. At this time I would not recommend echo connect. Although I could clearly hear callers from my echo, people on the other end said it sounded like I was in a tunnel and it was difficult to hear me. Returned device to Amazon.

Thanks. I ;gave up on the Echo Auto myself. Buggy in every respect.

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