Possible BlueBorne Infection On Moto X2?


Today while sitting at a red light by Walmart, my wife’s RW MotoX2 alarm went off (notification) while in her purse…
I was driving, so I could not see the screen. She said it was asking to pair. I told her to immediately turn off BlueTooth and shut off her phone.
How can we tell if we were hit by someone infected with BlueBorne?
What should we do?

Her MotoX2 is still on Android Version 5.1 and security level 2016-08-01.
It was not my car stereo asking to pair, I know that.
The Anroid play store Armis utility just tells you whether you are vulnerable (which we all know they are), not whether you have been hit.
Is there a bluetooth log file I can look at to see the details of the attempted pair?
Thanks very much for your help!



Likely someone nearby trying to pair with their new bluetooth headset/speaker/car and selecting the wrong bluetooth device. A BlueBorne attack does not require the targeted device to be paired to the attacker’s device, or even to be set on discoverable mode.



So there is no way to know whether the phone has been compromised, just if it is vulnerable?



My understanding is that there is no easily detectable way to determine whether a device has been compromised. Read up on it here, if you like:



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