Possible extension of trial period


want to try out republic, but was wondering if the 15 day trial could be extended to like 30 days. I’m a SAR member and go to some fairly remote search areas in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (Nevada County, Ca) where I usually have some limited cell reception from my current carrier. would like to try this out with your system to see what kind of cell coverage you have in those areas. Obviously this would take some time to discover. Maybe you could direct me to the right resource if this isn’t the place to ask this.




Hi @craigb.o7lqrm

While RW may extend the 14 day return policy due to extenuating circumstances, this is solely at the discretion of RW and on a case-by-case basis.

You would be best advised to open a Support Ticket or Live Chat and inquire directly.


there is one way to get a 30 day version and that to order and ship to a California address (the state of California has a law mandating all carriers and OEM selling Cell Phone in that state have a 30 day money back.)


Probably your best bet is to navigate the T-Mobile map dropping pins where you feel you will need coverage.

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

It might be helpful to pick the Samsung S7 in the phone selection.


I was dreading that someone would direct you to a coverage map for this. Ahhhhh, not yet anyway. Coverage maps have their uses but will not provide the level of detail and accuracy that actual field testing will do.

Here is a link to Support if you need it:

Republic Help

The middle box is what you want.