Possible identity theft

I need to know if my account can be used by someone trying to steal my identity using my phone number only.

Hi @timothyj.9foyyx,

Welcome to our Member Community. It sounds like you have some pretty serious worries weighing on you. Is there something specific going on we might be able to help with?

The potential of having your number transferred to a criminal’s phone is the reason we post the warning (at the bottom of this Community page) to secure your account with a PIN. It’s not specific to Republic Wireless, and it’s called a Porting Scam. A criminal will port (transfer) your number from your phone to his own phone and then attempt to log into your bank accounts. Since he has your phone number, he would receive any two-factor authentication codes that are sent, and you would not see any text alerts. You’d know if this happened, because your phone would suddenly be de-activated as soon as the transfer completed and he owned your number.

If there’s something else you think might be going on and you’d like to give us the details so we can consider whether or not it’s a possibility, please let us know, or if you prefer not to post the details publicly, you can message me privately by clicking my username and then clicking the “Message” button.


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