Possible New Phones from Moto?


With the upcoming Motorola announcement on 7/25, should we be anticipating possible new phones to come to RW? Maybe the rumored Moto X4, or Moto G5S Plus ?

Only asking since I am curious and I am looking to upgrade to either a new Moto phone or an older Nexus phone at this point.

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Hi @josephi.xjjdpw,

It’s quite possible but Republic historically doesn’t announce release of new phones in advance. When they’re ready to do so, I suggest keeping an eye on Republic’s official blog here: http://pwk.republicwireless.com.

Additionally, you might find information on Republic’s social media pages. Links follow.


Bottom line, for me, 7/25 is sufficiently close, I’d probably wait and see unless I had an urgent need to upgrade before then. Please understand that’s my personal inclination and in no way based on any inside information as I have none.


Hi @josephi.xjjdpw!

Totally understand! Republic doesn’t comment on which phones they are currently in the process of adding. However, considering Republic’s passed relationship with Motorola, it’s likely we will see the new Moto X supported. I hope that helps!


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