Possible to connect phone via Ethernet instead of wifi?

My wifi and/or phone is starting to give me health problems (stress, poor sleep a mottled brain). Can I connect a Motog to an Ethernet port on my modem via some device?

If you install a RS-232 connector on your cell phone, maybe :slight_smile:

Probably have more of a chance with a BLE to ethernet adapter than any attempt using rs232

There are Ethernet to USB adapters available. It’s unclear which phones are capable of supporting Ethernet over USB, however. Based on your symptoms, I would consult with a physician.

Hi @wdkanalytics The correct answer is, it depends. The OS build on most phones does not include the drivers necessary to use an Ethernet adapter directly on the phone. Which specific phone are you asking about?

  • As you delve into this adventure, you may want to remind yourself of the following:
    • By using direct connect ethernet, you will still be using the same hardware for all the router functions and are only bypassing the WiFi portion of your problem.
    • You will be giving up the builtin QoS provided by WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia) which give priority to voice, you may need to add additional QoS functions via router configuration
    • And of course, your once portable cell phone is now hard wired to your router.
  • Best of luck and do keep us posted on your progress … or post back the phone type, the router make/model/ver and who your ISP is along with a description of the problem you are experiencing, and perhaps the community can provide some helpful information to you.

ETA: Sorry, meant to address this to the OP @wdkanalytics

My phone is a MotoG, thanks for any help!

Which Moto G makes a difference here. Since ethere have been almost 10 generations of them each with several models. If you go Settings–Aboiut Phone what exactly does it say under Model?

OK, finally got the info:

Model G fast, Version: / XT20445-3

It is over a year old. Thanks for your Help!

Motorola does not officially support this, but there are numerous reports that this particular adapter by Pluggable (P/N: USBC-E1000) works.

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Thank you! I will check it out :). William

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I wonder if possibly a better solution might be RW’s “Extend Home” kit? Calls still use your RW cellphone number but you can leave the cellphone (and your WiFi router) turned off. For use at home, of course.

Thanks, I will look at this option. Yet I wonder how the Kit will work if the router is off? Bill

Good to wonder, and you’re so right to ask :slight_smile: It won’t work without the router powered up and receiving signal/data from your ISP

Reference Extend Home Requirements and Features – Republic Help which includes the following statement

  • An internet-connected network with available ethernet port
    • Internet connectivity for this feature is not provided by the My Choice phone or the adapter.

It will not, but how will Ethernet work if the router is off?

Sorry. I should have been more clear. Most WiFi routers have switch ports on the back and some will allow you to disable the WiFi portion. If yours doesn’t, then you you would want to replace the WiFi router with a switch, which will give you multiple ports to plug your devices into.

I’m making some assumptions here. One is that your Internet provider has given you a modem and that you have a seperate WiFi router. If your Internet provider gave you a combiation modem/WiFi router, then you would need to check with them to see if it is possible to turn off the WiFi portion.

My idea was to connect to the Ethernet port and disable the wifi. That way, I am not being bombarded with 5G constantly.

PS. I have decided to connect a MagicJack to the Ethernet port and use a voip phone as an alternate. Based on the helpful comments in the Community, I also hope to connect the Moto phone to the Ethernet as well. I am researching the suggestions now, and hope to have a fix for that connection also. Any suggestions are welcome!

If you’re determined to avoid RF emitters, don’t connect it to a cordless phone.

Thanks for the suggestion, I had not thought about that !

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