Possible to connect phone via Ethernet instead of wifi?

One other thing. I assume you mean 5 GHz RF? This is different than than 5G cellular. 5G in cellular terms is just the 5th generation of technology for broadband cellular networks. It operates on multiple radio frequencies (many of them the same frequencies that cellular has been using for years now). Your router doesn’t do 5G. It does 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi.

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Thanks for that clarification. My plan is just to use the Ethernet connectivity for both cell phone, and the voip. Then I can turn the wireless off. There have been a number of suggestions here, on how to connect the cell to Ethernet, and I am trying to figure out what parts I need. I appreciate any suggestions. Bill

Yes, you are correct, and that’s why I want to turn my modem with wifi off, and run the phones off of Ethernet wired connection


For what it’s worth: Turning off your home’s WiFi will get rid of the nearest radio signals but unless you live out in the country you will likely still be bombarded by signals from neighboring houses or businesses. At my house I can find 9 other houses with strong enough WiFi signal that I could easily connect to them. And of course that doesn’t count the myriad commercial microwave signals that are rocketing around (OTA TV, radio, etc). You might need to consider some shielding on the bedroom walls…

Very good points! I will have to meditate on how to deal with these circumstances.

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