Possible to use Moto G5 with ethernet?


is it possible to connect my Moto G5 to ethernet cable?
(in area with no wifi and very pitiful cell service, but RJ45 connectors readily available)

Would an off-the-shelf ethernet-to-usb adapter work?


Hi @kenneths.jc8nkn,

It’s at theoretically possible to connect an Android phone to Ethernet but I haven’t personally tried to do so. More here :https://www.davebennett.tech/connect-android-to-ethernet.


Hi @kenneths.jc8nkn
I found a cable to do it but never had the need to try it. PLUGABLE OTG FAST ETHERNET USB 2 MICRO-B 10/100 ASIX 88772A


Both the Moto G5 and G5 Plus are on the compatibility list for the adapter linked by @bocephous here: https://plugable.com/products/usb2-otge100.


Although using Ethernet to directly connect a phone that is designed for WiFi is ‘interesting’, I think that you would find a lot more instances where users were adding WiFi to PC’c/Laptops, All-in-ones where the built in WiFi fails or didn’t exist . Often the WiFi adapter is on the motherboard, and it is a lot cheaper to add a USB WiFi adapter


Easiest Solution: https://goo.gl/FksD3g


Wow, you guys are Johnny-on-the-spot with the answers!
Huge thanks!
Will give 'er a try – hopefully today – and report back.


Here is another one that I used while living abroad. Very simple and reliable.

TP Link Ethernet Wireless Router


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