Possibly broken charging port-changing phone

I have a Moto G6. The charging port appears to be damaged and it will die soon. We have a trip out of town this week and I need a phone before then. So here’s my question: Can I buy one of the compatible phones at a store and switch out the SIM card from this phone, or what? The whole “bring your phone” discussion on the website is designed for potential customers to order a SIM kit to make their phone work, but I’m an existing customer. Thanks!

Hi @karlr.95x0n7,

You may or may not be able to move the SIM from your Moto G6 to a new Republic compatible phone. The details are linked here:

If you’d like to make the determination without further using the battery on the Moto G6, please remove and examine the SIM. If the “public” part of the word Republic is green, the SIM is GSM and will move to another compatible phone.

If the word Republic is all gray or all black, the SIM is CDMA and you would need a replacement SIM. If CDMA, and you’re comfortable doing so, please share your zip code and we’ll provide further insight.

Regarding a potential local source for Republic compatible phones, Best Buy would be a good choice if one is reasonably close to you. Please be certain to verify any phone you wish to purchase against Republic’s list of compatible phones linked here:


Thanks Roland. I used the app to find out it’s a GSM so I should be good to go. There is a Best Buy conveniently located!

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