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I am transferring my old phone number I had been using to my Rebublic Wireless phone. My old carrier has been AT&T wireless. Once the transfer is complete is it up to me to tell me old carrier that I am no longer using them, or is this automatically done as part of the transferring of the phone number ? If it is up to me to do this, does anybody know of the steps I need to take to tell AT&T wireless that I am no longer using them as a carrier, so that they no longer charge me their monthly fee ?

Hi @eldiener
This RW post is long: Transferring to RW
But I think your answer is

Once your request has been accepted by your other provider, you’ll be notified via email.

So I guess once I got the email I would contact AT&T. Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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As @SuperT suggest it may be best to verify with AT&T … however with Republic Wireless, anytime a number is transferred out (off of a RW phone/account) the billing automatically stops)

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According to Republic Wireless I am supposed to wait until the number transfer is completed before I contact AT&T. So I guess my question is: Once the number transfer is completed how I am supposed to contact AT&T about ending my use of AT&T Wireless ?

You would call them like you would with any account issue. My experience is that porting out your number will automatically cancel service with them, but it never hurts to call to be sure.

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