Potential Alternatives to Extend Home

Am I correct in that one’s cell phone must have free software installed and have an internet connection to work with these? Actual cell phone calls require a cell phone provider. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Analog telephone adapters (ATA) operate independently of one’s cell phone. There are softphone apps that may be used on one’s cell phone but they are not required to use an ATA. Extend Home is an ATA with a custom configuration that allows for it to be used with Republic service.

Generally, yes, but you already have a Republic cell phone, no?

Please excuse me for continuing to ask this question but do you already have Extend Home? If so, it’s really not necessary to be so concerned, at least not yet. Republic is continuing Extend Home service for those who already have the adapter. The announcement pertains to Republic no longer selling the Extend Home adapter (nothing more).

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I’ve had a GV number for at least 10 years. When I read this at the legacy GV site It looked to me like you could have the number on your cell phone AND on GV:


No. “I want a new number” means one wants a new GV number. “I want to use my mobile number” means one wants to port a current mobile number to Google Voice.

They should have printed what they really mean. Without your hindsight I thought they had improved their service to work with the GV ATA the way the RW cell phone works with the RW ATA. When I actually took that option I saw that nothing had changed.

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Yes I have Extended Home and an RW phone. I am just looking down the line and preparing for any future changes.

I appreciate all your time and help here!

I would suggest sitting tight and continuing to enjoy Extend Home until such time as Republic says it’s going away for those of us who already have the adapter, which is what I’m going to do. For others reading, Republic has stopped selling the Extend Home adapter but, as of now, continues to provide service to those who already have the adapter.

You’re most welcome! I assure you should Republic one day tell us it is stopping Extend Home service, the Community will be here to help.


I do my best to translate Googlese. I take no responsibility for Google’s communication. :joy:

Bill, the GV app gives you the choice to call using RW or GV. It also provides GV to ring through your cell.
I do more texting then calls so using the PC fis easier for me. I have a set of panasonic handsets around. Which rings because of the OBIhai device. just like the EH.

For the moment investigate OBIhai/GV but don’t jump ship until EH stops working. (If it stops)

If someone ports their RW number they will no longer be under RW unless they get a new RW number.

For those who might be considering Google Voice with an OBi ATA as a potential replacement for Extend Home (now or in the future), this may be of interest:


OBis are the only ATAs that directly work with Google Voice.

Please forgive me for the repetition but if one already has an Extend Home adapter your service is not currently impacted. Should the day come there is impact, alternatives exist with or without Google Voice.

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I currently have my RW number ringing my cell and EH while my GV number rings my cell. If EH dies and I port (in 2 steps) my RW number to GV, can I have one of those 2 numbers ring the OBI and the other not? Also, If my wife and I each have a GV number, can both ring the same OBI?

Yes but you would need to port your current RW number to a separate Google account other than the one housing your current GV number.

Yes, as OBis support multiple (up to 4 service providers). It’s possible to have a single OBi signed into multiple Google accounts.

Please be certain to read this. The situation with GV and OBis is fluid as well.

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I have no plans to abandon Extended Home (provided by RW). The only reason I would go elsewhere is if it stops working altogether.

RW has done a fantastic job of everything for us over the years. AND at a great price point.

No complaints here!


Thanks for the info. Sounds like a good option for my wife and I if EH is discontinued and OBI makes the transition to GV’s new certificate.

I figure EH will keep working for months at least, so I’ll stay put for now, go month to month once my yearly contract expires.

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I’m unclear what’s happening.
My phone rang via the extended home thing just this morning. Can you just no longer get a new one?

Oh wow. The home extend is currently the best part of Republic. I would be very unhappy if the service went away. They need to keep the home extend and maybe just advertise it more if they want more participation.

Not that I would recommend them, but Spectrum has a “Simultaneous Ring” feature which I used for NoMoRobo to greatly minimize robo calls. You could just as well make that “Simultaneous Ring” go to your cell phone. NOMOROBO was fantastic but Spectrum, in their infinite wisdom, decided on their own to disconnect from NOMOROBO and run their own anti-robo call service.

Hi @craigw.vkuxs3,

Pretty much every Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider I’ve done business with offers simultaneous ring. I second the idea simultaneous ring is one potential solution to getting one’s “landline” and Republic cell phone to ring at the same time, however, it would hardly be necessary to use Spectrum (I recognize you are not endorsing them).

As others have said, Obihai is an option.

Also, Magicjack is still around too.

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