Potential Good News for Folks Impacted by Nexus 6P Issues


I stumbled across this potentially good news for those impacted by Nexus 6P issues (bootlooping and/or premature battery drain). It seems Google and Huawei have agreed to settlement terms. Said terms must still be accepted by the court.

Unlike Google’s earlier replacement program, one need not have purchased the 6P at Google’s store.

An Android Central article with more details is linked here:



So I’m pretty interested in this case because my Nexus 6P is certainly doing the battery drain/bootloop thing all the time now. I got up this morning, took it off the charger it had been on all night to take a picture of my cat and it died.

In the documents though it seems like all the places to submit a claim haven’t been filled in yet. Guess we’ll just have to keep an eye on it.



Hi @quentinv.ogclej and thanks for dropping back into the Community!

As mentioned in the original post:

Until and unless the court does so, this remains potentially good news, however, I would be cautiously optimistic. If you decide to replace your phone in the meantime, I suggest hanging onto the 6P until a final settlement is approved. If the 6P was purchased from Republic, you ought to find your invoice (proof of purchase) when signed into your Republic account here: Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless.


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