Potential Way for RW to Differentiate Itself from Unlimited Plans Chatter

When I was paying for unlimited cellular data with Verizon back in the day when the iPhone 4 came out, I already had wifi access in my house and at work. I spent probably at least 60-70% or more of my time in those two places. Based on my data usage, it wasn’t necessary for me to have unlimited cellular data and virtually unlimited wifi data (at least it seemed that way to me).

To market to people like I was, maybe a slogan for RW can be: “why pay for data twice?” A longer slogan could be: “You already have data. Why pay for it twice?” I like the first question better. It’s shorter and more to the point; also people might not already have data.

What do you think about these slogans?


This might be a better slogan: “You already have wifi. Why pay for a lot of data twice?”

Although I like the “why pay for data twice” question, technically, people do pay for data twice if they get cellular data + wifi data. The intent of my original post was to specifically address unlimited data, and I believe that this new slogan does a better job of that–although I don’t like that fact that it uses more words and has two sentences. However, it directly markets to the type of person I believe RW wants to market to.

Here’s a longer version:

"You already have wifi. Why pay for a lot of data twice?

–From the phone innovative phone company that helps people save money, Republic Wireless."

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I also like this question because it really helps people evaluate if they really need two data plans that might be virtually unlimited for them (wifi+cellular data). Then if people talk about unlimited plans, it doesn’t seem so exciting because the question focuses on the benefit of savings from not having an unlimited cellular plan.

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Video ad idea with the potential slogan:

Man/Woman says: “You already have wifi. Why pay for a lot of data twice?”

Woman#1: “Because I can watch a lot of YouTube videos at home on my phone without having to think about going over my data limit.”

Man#1: “Because I like to do a lot of Skype video chats at my house with my phone.”

Woman#2: “Can’t you already do this with wifi? You already have wifi! Why pay for a lot of data twice?”

[Republic Wireless logo appears at the end.]

This can be modified with more reasons that people give to do something that they might be able to do with wifi that they might already be paying for.

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If the question was modified to “You already had wifi. Why did you pay for a lot of data twice” for the first question, then maybe the people’s responses could be from real Republic Wireless customers. I’m sure there are a lot of customers that didn’t realize how much little their cellular data needs really were and could share their stories under this slogan.

Anyways, that’s my 2 cents right now. This may or may not be a good idea; it came to me today, and I wanted to at last write it down. As I wrote it down, I thought about other ideas associated with it…That’s how my brain works sometimes…

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Good stuff @franklinm.wx8mce…we appreciate you sharing your 2 cents in the Community.

I’ll make sure we share this with the Republic team and see if we can build on it.

You never know when inspiration will strike, so good idea to write it down. I’m with you 100% on that!

Thank you for your trust in Republic Wireless.

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