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What phone do you have? Moto g6 Play

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Issue Description

I purchased Moto g6 Play through RW in Sept 2018. I didn’t activate till Dec 2018. In March 2019, the power button fell off from my phone. I didn’t notice it fell off and is no way to find the part. What can I do? I am traveling to Asia in 3 weeks for 2 months. I need to swap the RW SIM card for international SIM card to use oversea. I am concern about the humidity in oversea with the missing power button and the inner part exposed. Anyone know where I can find this tiny power button part that I can purchase. I think it is still under warranty but it looks like I need to mail out the phone for repair which I don’t have the time for it. Any suggestion?

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Hi @vincentm.f4ez7o!

If you can’t send it in before the trip…and if the warranty is for a year… you should be able to send it in once you get home using the warranty. As for taking the phone on the trip, If it were me… a small piece of electric tape for the hole. :grinning:

My point… use the warranty :wink:

When I change the SIM, don’t I need to reboot the phone?

If you have a phone right now that the switch is gone so you have no way of turning it back on once off…then fixing it somewhere close that repairs phones would be another choice.
It’s terrible you can’t send the phone in now, but If you can’t… you can’t.
No backup phone either… humm. Ya know…
I would also open a ticket with Republic asap and see if they have a loaner they could send you… and you could then send in the broken phone. I have no idea (being a member like you) if they can do this… but they really do work with us. Ask em :slight_smile:

Only have old Legacy phones with me :sob: I never have problem with the power button fell off with Moto phone.

Open that ticket @vincentm.f4ez7o…times a ticking! :alarm_clock:
And have a GREAT trip!:relaxed:

Hi @vincentm.f4ez7o,

Please investigate with either our Republic Wireless Help Team or Motorola whether this would be a repair covered under warranty. If our Help team deems it a warrantable issue, you would quickly be sent a B-Stock replacement phone. Likewise, if Motorola determines the issue is covered under warranty , they would also offer a replacement phone, and they provide an option available at a small fee to expedite the replacement.


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