Power button not working

I need help with something else.
My phone number is [redacted]
I’m having other issues with my phone.
phone power button suddenly stopped working. no dropping no damage literally look a picture and wouldn’t allow to press to lock and just won’t work at all. tried auto restart option but that won’t work either. couldn’t file a report yesterday since app required Wi-Fi to report issues and I’ve not use my phone anymore but for photos while no Wi-Fi

Hi @pricelessme_ct,

Is your phone the only access to the internet that you have? If not, you can use a computer or tablet and sign in at:
or E-mail help@republicwireless.com.

(The latter may require some additional account validation; please keep in mind that’s to protect your account’s security.)


only other device is my office pc

The first thing to try is to simply hold the power button for a full two minutes. Be sure and use a timer because 2 minutes is longer than it seems. When you do this, does the phone reset?

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Is this your Samsung S7? (as shown in your profile)

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If you can reply and post here, can you either sign into the account portal or send an E-mail to create a ticket?

I can create a ticket for you, but I’m struggling to think through how you’d interact on it, if you don’t have access.


I’ve tried…nothing works not even screen shots

yes s7

I sat at the grocery store and created a ticket

your not the only one with buttons not working on the s7
did you get an update lately?




just the power button and yes volume down doesn’t seem to work… fun😠

no updates within the last few days… last week I had two of them suckers

problem is I can’t do anything with my power button. no restart no power off no screenshots no system access nothing I’ve already tried

did you watch the video
and install the button savior app?
it gives you a software version of the hardware buttons.
swipe left when the controls show up on the screen and reboot using the software keys
then see if the power button works
samsung does some things different than other android phones…

I prefer that Samsung and RW fix the issue rather than download a 3rd party app to “fix” it. Bandaids aren’t a solution…

ok, whatever

As you probably know, Republic doesn’t “fix” hardware. Here’s how to get Samsung’s help: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/contact/

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And I didnt pay a ton of money to have to install memory hogging apps that take the place of normal phone features because its just there…I requested my money back for this phone with the warranty issue, now seems like everything else is crapping out. Data usage is skyrocketing for no reason…and now this.

already reached out to them…they are like RW tech support…takes forever to respond.

Why don’t you call them on the phone? They have an 800 number.

And that’s not my experience with Republic support.

Message an
Expert customer