Power Options for Motorola Moto Z Play (original version)


I had the Defy and the Moto X. I had to replace the phones every 2-3 years. When using Wifi the battery lasted very little. I was very unlucky with the self install replacement internal batteries.

The Moto Z Play has kept me with RW very loyal and happy. It has an awesome battery. I am on my third Otterbox Defender Case just to show how rough I am on the phones. Lately the battery is starting to only last a day. Has anyone found a moto power mod they like? I do not want to try and change the internal battery. I saw a video on it and it seems daunting. I want to maybe use the mod with battery until the phone dies. I am aware it will no longer be in a case and I will most likely lose the phone on a drop since with a mod I can no longer use an Otterbox.

I have also noticed that the economy Moto G6 Play is only $200 on Prime, but the case options are limited. Any Moto Z Play (1st generation) owners try the Moto 6 G Play?

Without a great battery, it is hard to keep using WiFi for the telephone and keep costs down. Any other outstanding mid-range phone with a long lasting internal battery that is RW compatible? I like Motorola because there is minimal bloatware. I am not a heavy user of data nor a gamer. I am just very rough on phones and with an Otterbox I have never shattered a screen,



Hi @valueoriented,

I love your loyalty and I’m glad to see how happy you’ve been with the Moto Z Play. A few thoughts, but I hope others will chime in.

This is ununsual. We would expect battery use on Wi-Fi to be less than on cell. When you’re on Wi-Fi, what is your cell signal strength? If you’re in a location with a very weak cell signal strength, even if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, the phone will go to extreme lengths to maintain the cellular connectivity. So, for example, if you’re on Wi-Fi deep in an office building, the phone may be burning through the battery as it fights to remain connected to the cell tower. By putting the phone in airplane mode and then re-enabling Wi-Fi, you can use the phone normally and the battery will last much longer because you’ll be turning off the cellular reception and the phone will not need to work to maintain the connection with the cell tower.

We have one staff review of the G6 Play where the battery life was described as “great.” It seems the Z3 Play might be a good fit for you, though. Especially if you have any mods for your Z Play. It also might be worth waiting a bit at this point to see what Moto releases in the coming months. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How about this… I just happen to see in the Community Treasure Chest, that we have an Incipio Offgrid Power Pack Moto Mod, and I’ll be glad to send you that at no charge. I’d love to have you review it in our #reviews category, or review the next phone you get, if you’d be so kind.

The idea that once you have the Moto Mod installed you’re going to immediately drop the phone and, lacking an Otterbox, that will be the end of the Z Play, terrifies me though. I don’t know how much it will help, but if you’d like to give it a try, I may be able to also include a Gadget Guard Black Ice tempered glass screen protector.

Let me know if you think you’d put these items to use.




Thank you so much for your dedicated and prompt reply. Yes! I am often in an office that is like a “Faraday Cage”. Metal all around and very bad cell phone reception. This explains why on the weekends at home my battery seems to last a lot longer. Your spot on advice made me learn something I did not realize about airplane mode. I always thought the WiFi was more power hungry than the regular Cell Phone signal. At home I have my routers well set up to give my phone modem priority access and 7 hours from waking up this Saturday morning my Motorola Z Play is at 89%. This is a phone I believe on its 3rd year! By this time in the office or on the road in a city, my workday battery it is down to 56%.

I would love to test the Incipio Battery Pack if it buys me a longer life with this phone… I will review the next phone I will get in the future, but I am rarely an early adopter. It was not until I had the Moto Z Play as a great mid range phone, that I was completely sold on Republic Wireless WiFi model. This phone’s battery does not heat up like the other phones I had before, even in a Defender Otterbox. My spouse and father pay several times a month more and I don’t think their service is 5 times or 3 times better than mine. I have yet to convince either them on the RW model. They just don’t log on…

Happy New Year!




Thanks @valueoriented,

I’ll message you privately for some details about the battery pack.

It’s interesting that your spouse and father are willing to pay so much more for service that isn’t significantly better. Are they iPhone users?




hello @valueoriented,
I use the Incipio Offgrid Power pack Moto Mod on my Moto Z 2 Play and am loving it, there are 2 versions of this one that is just a battery pack and the other includes Qi charging, not sure which one is in the community treasure chest has but the one I have has the Qi and I find it convenient to just set it on a charge base (~$20 on amazon) and not have to reach and insert the cable. (I will note the Qi charging is optional and the phone will charge the battery via it’s USB type c connector after the main phone battery is charged)
I have found I can go all weekend with battery left with this Mod (Friday afternoon though Sunday evening) where without the Mod I would be out of charge Sunday morning

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Hi thanks for the feedback. I am very interested in Qi charging for two reasons:

  1. I believe if you keep the battery at full charge, it will last longer
  2. I try to keep phones as long as possible and I am always afraid because of the dusty conditions I sometimes work in, constantly plugging a phone in to a conventional USB will eventually ruin the connection. Having a powerpack connected to an external battery pack is hard while I am in the field. I would have to have an enormous pocket since the Moto Z Play 1st Gen is a very big phone.


If you mean last longer as in years of service, this is contrary to the conventional wisdom which says batteries kept between 20-90% fare better in the long-term. Being kept at 100% all the time is actually bad for the battery.



Is this also the case for Lithium? I was schooled in the NICAD world where battery memory was a problem. So basically I should not let the battery fully discharge, but I should not let it charge up to 100%. I thought the chargers would be designed to stop charging once the battery reached 100%. There seem to be very little incentive for phone manufacturers to be 100% clear on what is best.



The strategy with NiCad was always fully discharging lest it “remember” the higher level as 0. In any case, everything I’ve seen says the last 10% of charging is the hardest on the battery, which is once reason that charging speeds drop so drastically when you hit 90%.

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Evey advice I heard for lithium battery is not to keep them at 100%, I have my Moto Mod setting to efficiency mode where holds the main battery at 80% while the mod battery discharges. So I remove the phone from my dock and both batteries will be at 100% then the main battery will discharge down to 80% once that happens the mod battery holds will start charging the main and holding the main at 80% untill the mod battery is discharged [0%] then the main battery will continue it discharge until I get it’s back on a charger or I plug it in [the mod I have I can pull off the mode and put it on the will dock and it will charge without the phone]

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Thanks for the tip DRM186! I’ll switch mine to efficiency mode from the default and trial that setting a couple of weeks. The z3 December update ODXS28.66-18-6 should be coming soon to our R.W. phones (released 1/3/2019)

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@valueoriented, if, by chance, you’re still interested in another phone, don’t miss this: Moto X4 on sale @ $165



Thank you beachb. I am going to really research my next phone very carefully because I really want it to:

  1. Have a great battery life so I can do as much WiFi telephony as possible because I love RW’s model
  2. It has to have abundant protective case options. I never know what conditions I am going to be working in. Because of the dust, humidity, and odd liquids I am around due to my current profession I want to avoid using cables to charge. I am a convert to Wireless Charging so I can top up my battery easily.

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