Powering up new phone

I have what could be a dumb question, but since this would be the first time I would be using a phone not bought at Republic Wireless, I figured I would ask.

As I stated, I just bought a new phone (Moto G Power - 2020 - Unlocked) from Amazon and am waiting for the SIM card from Republic which I expect to receive shortly.
My question is, should I wait until I receive the SIM card and insert it before I power up the phone?
I haven’t powered up the phone yet nor even plugged it in to charge it because I don’t want it going through any activation process that it might go through before the SIM is in there.
Is that an overreaction on my part?

Hi @sterlingh.uuleag,

There is no problem in turning on and going through the Google setup of your new phone without the SIM. I would even recommend it to test out the phone.

Once your Republic SIM arrives you can use these instructions for activation:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

It does, and thanks for the fast reply!

I may still wait a bit to mess with it as I am also waiting for my new phone case, which I also expect shortly.
With a 9 yr old boy and a new puppy, I want to make sure my phone has some protection from the “elements”.
I just hope my new Moto is as rugged and lasts as long as my trusty Moto G3 has.

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