Preparing Your Android Phone for an Update

Android Update Prep

We try to put our phones in a very “clean” configuration before doing any updates. Here’s a cheat sheet of what we did to prepare for the PIE update on our Moto G6’s. These are good proactive measures to take before any update.

  1. Plug phone into charger before starting update.

  2. Turn off security items (when possible) like PIN.

  3. Reboot the phone and make sure the security changes took effect and you can access the phone. A fresh reboot under the old OS also helps make sure some other app or change to the system is not waiting for a reboot to make an unexpected change.

  4. Double check and make sure no apps are open before starting update.

  5. Make sure you have good WiFi connection. (My understanding is that PIE weighs in around 1.5GB).

  6. Set Display>Advanced>Sleep to 30 minutes of inactivity. Not sure this is necessary but it can take a while for system to complete the last steps of the update after reboot. Hate to have screen turn off after 30 sec (our default). Never sure what extra swipes might do before system is 100 percent done and stable.

  7. Loosen up your belt, set back, and get ready for a big slice of PIE. Start the download, follow the screen prompts, and learn to be patient. Our first phone took 25 minutes from start to finish for PIE. Second one took over an hour and 30 minutes. Most was related to the time the download took and not the actual update installation. But patience is still a virtue.

Background – Our phones have 64GB Storage + 4GB RAM and a Samsung 128GB 100MB/s SD expansion card installed as portable storage (not system internal storage). We did not remove the SD card before doing the update. This configuration should give the system update a lot of breathing room for the installation. We also only have a handful of apps installed that were not part of the factory install.

Others might laugh at these precautions…but we’re kind of a belt and suspenders type! Who knows, others might even have some other precautions to take that are simple to reset after update.

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